Transplanting Weigelas and peonies

M56 V89
July 21, 2018
last modified: July 23, 2018

I made the mistake of planting Weigelas closer to the basement window and it's not a great spot in terms of getting adequate sunlight. I was so eager to get it into the ground last year, did not think through. After the harsh winter in Calgary and sustaining constant abuse from the Bunnies, it has come back up with great foliage and flowers but it still remains small. Can i transplant to the other side of the garden where it'll surefire get atleast 6 hrs of sunlight?. But I'm scared to move it now.

Same goes for Peonies as well, I have three and they are all planted in areas where bunnies throw midnight parties. It was all completely gone last year. I tried chicken wiring them but to my surprise, bunnies chewed right through. Who knew??. Any thoughts?.

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