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Help, my marble tile floor doesn't match my marble slab countertops.

Renee Waters
5 years ago

I am in the middle of my kitchen remodel. I had decided to go with marble on the floors and counter tops. I wanted to do everything in Calcutta marble, however, the problem is that Calcutta marble is 5 x times more expensive than Carrera marble. I decided to put the Calcutta on the slab and the Carrera on the floor. BIG MISTAKE!! In the showroom they seemed to compliment and match, however, in my house, one is more in the beige and brown tones, and the other is more white, with blue grays. Question: Can I darken or stain my Carrera marble floor to match my Calutta countertops? I know most won't notice the difference, but I have to live with it. I just didn't realize Carrera has blue tones.

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