Toba Hawthorn isn’t happy

August 2, 2018

Hi all,

i was super stoked to see that Toba hawthorsn were on sale on calgary plants online.. we planted it into the ground right away it looked great for about a week but now all the leaves on the crown shrivelled up and turned brown and all the new leaves emerging are attached to the twig and looks stunted.. I didnt see any blackening or browning of twigs and the trunk looks like it wasn’t severely damged or bruised. I didn’t see any fluid oozing out or anything I was worried that it was fire blight.. I called the company and they said it didn’t look infested but gave me $25 gift card for the inconvwince instead. I’m not too happy with the cherry tree planted next to it either. Seeing a ton of yellowing of leaves and almost wrote it off as shock but I’m not super sure that it is in shock. Any inputs will be appreciated. Thanks

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