4 year old dwarf Meyers lemon tree not flowering or fruiting this year

Katie Hartline
last year
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Hi all, about a year ago, I bought a 3 year old potted dwarf Meyers lemon tree. When I bought it, it had 4 green lemons already growing that ended up ripening 2 months later, and would flower until the Winter. This year, after transitioning it from a uv lamp indoors and fertilizing it with miracle grow 6-4-6 extended release in April, it didn’t seem to do much. I water about every 2 day’s depending on soil moisture. i decided to order citrus tone and used it in June be ause I thought maybe it was the fertilizer and I changed the soil to a quick dry soil with rocks in bottom for drainage. Now it’s been 2 months and still no flowering, and some of the leaves have a brown burnt look on end, as well as a little yellowing of veins. I put neem oil on it every week, and the plant itself looks healthy, but I’m getting no flowering. Can anybody from the pictures and my descriotion what’s going on/what I should do? It gets about 8 hours of sunlight.(also, dont know if it helps, but my potted orange tree i bought this year also lost all its buds a month after the citrus tone And is following down the same route as my lemon tree)

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