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Vacation watering for window boxes

Judy Stone
August 11, 2018

This may be impossible to answer, but I'll ask anyway.
I have very long but narrow window boxes, now fully planted. We're going on a 2 week vacation beginning in a week. I have Soilmoist crystals in the boxes, which helps me get away with 2x/week watering, but need a quick temporary way to keep my plants from perishing while we're away. I just discovered Drip Depot, which has an irrigation kit for window boxes, but have no time to install it before we leave (8/18). Other than finding someone to water the boxes, does anyone have any experience/ideas for a quick fix?



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  • Saypoint 7a CT

    Check the weather forecast and hope for rain? Set up some wicks with buckets of water that will suck water into the boxes if they get dry? No experience with this myself but read about it on the forums. Set up a couple of buckets with drip lines (aquarium tubing) and clamps (clothespins? Bag clips?) like IV drips? I’d ask a neighbor to water but you said other than finding someone to water. If you were near me I’d do it.

  • Saypoint 7a CT

    Can you run a garden hose across the window boxes and make a few small holes in it over each window box so it acts like a soaker hose and put it on a timer at the faucet? Timers are pretty cheap. You’ll be trashing a hose but you can probably get a cheap one and use it later as a soaker hose somewhere.

  • mblan13

    Soaker hose and timer. Your local plant nursery/greenhouse

    Screw the timer into the spigot and lay the soaker hose in the planter.

  • Saypoint 7a CT

    Unless there is a lot of space between the window boxes. That’s why I suggested a hose instead.

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