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Deck stairway and design ideas

Stephanie Michael
August 13, 2018
This is a picture of the back of our home. We are wanting to make the deck a little larger and add a staircase with a cement or wood patio at the bottom. We have a few problems. We have a storage area under our sun porch that we need access to as well as a bedroom window we do not want completely covered up. We are not quite sure how to make this look right and how to design it in a way that flows with the back of our house. Ideas appreciated!!!

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  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    Where is the bedroom window you don't want to cover, on the second floor or the first floor?

    Why don't you expand the existing deck to the right, then build stairs on the outside of it (towards where you were standing to take the picture) which lead back to the left. Then build your new patio at the bottom of the stairs, in the area where we see the small trellis.

  • PRO
    Dig Doug's Designs

    some ideas:

  • Stephanie Michael
    Dig Doug's Designs, that is beautiful! I really like that idea. Thanks for your input!
  • PRO

    While I'm making my crude drawing, Doug is posting his ... and the scheme turns out to be the same! ... a catwalk, landing and staircase on the left that goes to a lower patio. Sounds like corroboration to me. Be careful how you handle the grade. It looks like you could use the services of a landscape architect or good designer.

  • Stephanie Michael

    Here's our finished product, minus the stain! We love how it turned out!

  • PRO

    That looks good and fits the house well.

    You'll want to have a landing at the bottom of steps so you don't end up stepping directly onto lawn or into a puddle ... probably 3'x6' minimum size. If you're going to connect a patio to the steps, it can be the landing. You'll probably want to set the landing at the same elevation as the present bottom tread as there is not enough vertical difference available for another step down. You'll likely remove the bottom tread when you create the landing or patio.

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