Fruit flies on my coffee maker out of nowhere

last year

I have an absolutely crazy fruit fly situation.

I just installed my kitchen appliances. There are no sinks and there is no food to speak of in this kitchen, it is sterile.

I started making coffee with my built in coffee maker and within a few days I have fruit flies around the coffee dispenser nozzle. What the absolute hell?!?!?!?

In my head, this is a disaster because it seems like no matter how clean I keep my kitchen (it cannot get cleaner than it is now) I'll have a fruit fly problem with the coffee maker, which is probably going to be my most used appliance. And I should note I drink my coffee black, I have not used the milk frother, creamer, sugar etc. Black. Coffee. Nothing else.

This makes no sense to me. Where the hell did these caffeine-junkie flies come from? I've never had a problem with coffee and fruit flies before. Is there anything I can do other than keep a constant supply of fruit fly repellent in the kitchen? HELP!

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