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Valves for Automatic Irrigation System

mechanical guy
August 21, 2018

I am new to this forum and looking for some assistance in valve selection for an automatic irrigation system. It seems like solenoid valves are commonly used. Why is this? What about an electric ball valve? Also, I am thinking that PVC should be fin

I am going to be installing an automatic irrigation system in my yard and want some input on valves to be used.
Does everyone use solenoid valves for these types of applications? Stainless Steel, Brass, or PVC?

I am currently thinking of going with one of these: https://tameson.co.uk/applications/irrigation-equipment/

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    solenoid valves are the normal standard for irrigation systems. after 30 years repairing systems I prefer rain bird valves for reliability. as for the choice between pvc and brass unless you're dealing with an extreme amount of sediment pvc is fine.

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