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Why don't I see more white cooktops used on white kitchen counters?

Maura Respess
August 21, 2018

White kitchens are a thing right now. And I see plenty of white or white-ish countertops in new kitchens. So why don't I see more white cooktops used? I'm seeing lots of black electric cooktops on white counters in new kitchens. Why is that?

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  • kay

    I have the same question. All my appliances are white and I really want a white cook top but can't find any. Why?

  • Nothing Left to Say

    Induction is a thousand times better than radiant electric. And I don’t think anyone makes white induction? Thermador makes a silver one I think? So that could perhaps answer the OPer’s question.

    As far as why white cooktops are not available, I don’t know. But white has become less common in general for appliances. When I bought our induction range the only white option on the market was several thousand dollars. I assume the market has shifted so strongly to stainless that manufactures have responded by offering fewer white options.

  • PRO
  • Susan

    That's a great question. The only things I've been told that one-white appliances seem to "date" themselves, if you watch any hgtv, fixer upper, renovation/remolding shows, the buyer always seems to look at any kitchen with white appliances as "dated" I don't know why, because, depending on how it's put into a kitchen, I think it looks so classic & elegant, but people warn against it. I personally would love white appliances if it wasn't for that, plus (which brings me to my second reason, which is just a guess) that white appliances are very white "stark" white and most white kitchens are a softer white, so, it sometimes makes the counters or the cabinets look more yellow, because the white appliances are so white next to them, IDK, just my guess. I agree though, with so many people going with a whiter quartz counter top and/or white cabinets, it would be nice to have a white option available to choose from, if desired.

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  • Jillius

    I grew up with a white cooktop. They scratch and mark up and discolor horribly. I can tell our black cooktop has a lot of the same dings and messes too, but they just aren't nearly as obvious on black so it doesn't look as bad.

  • H202

    I think that's a great question, too. Stainless appliances are a dime a dozen now, and manufacturers have responded by offering slate and high end colorful appliances. But i'm surprised there isn't more white. We did a high gloss modern white kitchen a few years back and did a Bosch white dishwasher, and it looked very sleek and minimalist. Received many compliments from high-design friends. Not at all like an 80s white appliance. I think modern line contemporary appliances (fridge, cooktop, etc) would look very clean and contemporary in all white. But the masses love shiplap and stainless and granite, so they soldier on!

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  • ci_lantro

    Probably because there are a gazillion different shades of white painted cabinets and a white appliance would almost never match. (Too blue, too yellow, too gray, etc.) The mismatch would not look good so it's better to go with some contrast. Heck, the trend in white cabinets may have directly contributed to the demise of white appliances for that very reason. That, and having a kitchen ending up being too white and needing some eye relief.

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  • Miranda33

    “...the trend in white cabinets”

    There’s no trend in white cabinets. They’re also not a “thing right now” as the OP put it. They’ve been in kitchens for a hundred years or more. You don’t see too many white cooktops because they aren’t as popular as stainless steel. Supply and demand. The manufacturers respond to that. White cooktops don’t sell in as many numbers as stainless steel so the manufacturers don’t make as many.

  • benjesbride_misses_sophie

    Good question. Three years ago I was determined to have white appliances. It was a lot of work! There were very few options in my price range; it seemed white appliances were either too cheap or high end.

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  • cpartist

    I'm seeing lots of black electric cooktops on white counters in new kitchens. Why is that?

    Actually you probably are not seeing black Electric cooktops but are instead seeing black Induction cooktops. BIG difference. Most induction cooktops only come in black.

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  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    Even in Miele's gorgeous line of white appliances, there is not a white induction cooktop. Themrador has the silver one, as crl_ mentioned above.

  • ci_lantro

    There’s no trend in white cabinets.


    Heck, the preponderance of classic white cabinetry may have directly contributed...

    Is that better?

    (Not that I don't remember when the classic button down collar Oxford shirts were trendy....)

  • Aurora Tee

    GE Cafe line has a gray induction cooktop that sort of shimmers in areas. It is really pretty in the showroom, but not sure how it would look IRL after a few heavy uses.

  • PRO
    Debra O Design

    Yes, this is a great question !! I hate black, It's so hard to clean ! I love the look of white, come on appliance people! They used to make white. Good luck, Debra

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  • tatts

    If you think black is hard to clean, Debra, wait until you try white. The stuff you can't clean off a black cooktop shows up much worse on white.

    Many years ago the original radiant flat cooktops came in white, but the white discolored (possibly due to heat) and turned tan-ish. There was no way to get rid of that.

  • Chessie

    Are these cooktops easier to clean than the glasstop of a range? I replaced my old Kenmore drop-in coil electric range with a nice new LG - love the way it functions, but GOD I hate the cleaning of the glass. What a PITA. Stainless steel was SO much easier. This was the one reason I had waited so long to replace my old range - I was afraid of the cleaning factor. Sadly I was right.

  • Lawrence Sprowls

    Home Depot sells a number of white radiant cooktops. No white induction cooktops, though.

  • friedajune

    I was just going to say what Tatts said - that white cooktops discolor easily with heat. That discoloration just needs to happen to someone once in their life, and they'll never buy another white one again. Then the manufacturers get complaints about it, so feel discouraged to make them, and just make a limited amount.

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  • chloebud

    I agree with the comment regarding appliance white not matching the whites most people want for cabinets. Appliance white is a very stark white. We used to have white appliances. I spent more time keeping them clean than the stainless we have now.

  • Caroline

    Here's a link to a thread from earlier this year. The poster had a white GE monogram cooktop.


    I'm getting a Cafe induction cooktop, which I think is gray, as Aurora described above. I am getting rid of my cast iron pans, even though I used them with no problem on my black electric glass cooktop, because I came across a review with a photo on the GE website where the cooktop appeared to be permanently discolored from the use of cast iron cookware. I can't locate the review now. I am replacing with enameled cast iron and other induction cookware. I think I can live with gray, but I suspect white would be very difficult to keep looking nice.

  • Caroline

    Found it. The reviewer reported staining from cast iron, even with the use of a paper towel underneath the pan. Review is in the 4 star reviews.


  • Chessie

    Wow. I would not have a cooktop where I could not use my cast iron.

  • ninigret

    without knowing which the OP meant... the cooking surface itself being white, or the appliance being white.... yes and yes. the light colored cooking surface stains, and the white appliance 'doesnt go' with the white cabinets.

    i decided i didnt care about the white not going... i have many different whites in my kitchen, the appliances and cabinets are just 2 more. but a discolored cooking surface would make me steam. so to speak.

  • weedmeister

    White cook tops scorch. They turn brown over time.

    Kinda like asking why women wear the little black dress and not the white dress all the time.

  • Maura Respess

    Thank you for this great discussion! I agree that the white appliances available now are too white. Even so, I bought a too white cooktop and am going to try it. I will post photos and would love some honest feedback. Many thanks!

  • cpartist

    Are these cooktops easier to clean than the glasstop of a range? I replaced my old Kenmore drop-in coil electric range with a nice new LG - love the way it functions, but GOD I hate the cleaning of the glass. What a PITA. Stainless steel was SO much easier. This was the one reason I had waited so long to replace my old range - I was afraid of the cleaning factor. Sadly I was right.

    Chess an electric cooktop is a pain to clean because stuff bakes on. An induction glass cooktop is the easiest thing in the world to clean because NOTHING bakes on. It's impossible since the cooktop doesn't get hot.

    I clean mine with a swipe of windex and paper towel if I was frying or sautéing or else a quick wipe with water.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Ease of cleaning is one of the major attractions of induction, that plus its responsiveness.

  • ldecor54

    I just replaced a white gas Dacor cooktop. Absolutely no stains or marks. Super easy to care for. Twenty years old. Zero scorching, no turning brown. Bought another just like the old. Stainless can look dirty to me.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    I don’t think people were talking about gas cooktops scorching. the issue was radiant electric.

  • friedajune

    I agree with Zalco. I've seen white gas ranges that are 40 years old that are not discolored.

  • Heather

    Oh geez. Remember all those white GE, Whirlpool, etc. appliances where the handle or trim piece would yellow? That’s why no one wants white anymore.

  • artemis_ma

    Maybe people get tired of all that unrelieved white surface??? (I would...)

    And Heather makes a good point about all those white handles and trim that yellow even in rooms that don't face the sun. I can point you at my old kitchen... specifically the fridge.

  • Chessie

    I love white kitchens. But I have never loved white appliances.

  • Cadyren

    I have a bisque smooth top range that is 10 years old. It was the only freestanding range at the time with a light colored top. It appears almost white & looks pristine even though it has been used everyday. I almost didn't get a it, because of all the horror stories about keeping smooth tops clean. I told my son to get one & he chose black & had scratches almost immediately. I hate the look of a white or light appliance with a black cooktop. I have no idea what I will replace t with when it goes.

  • sheepla

    I have the same problem with finding a drawer microwave in white. Only can find stainless steel. Manufacturers, some of us HATE stainless steel!

  • Lawrence Sprowls

    sheepla: Sharp used to make a white drawer microwave (#KB6524PW) but discontinued it. The closest seems to be this GE built-in microwave: GE #EB7227DLWW .

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