Help me pick a dining table color

Naveen Chowdary
August 23, 2018

After a long search I am finally able to find a counter height contemporary rustic dining table with upholstered chairs to replace my existing small table. However I am confused about the color i need to pick.

Here are the picture of my existing kitchen, casual dining and adjacent living space. I wanted to pick option 1 but looking for other opinions too. Appreciate your inputs on this.

Option 1 : Dining table

Option 2: Dining table

Comments (12)

  • Karen Rose
    I like option 1 for your kitchen area
  • PRO
    Design & Build . . . by Roger Perron, Inc.

    Option 1 seems to match the surroundings well with its grey shades.

  • PRO
    Debra O Design

    Hi, If those are the 2 choices, I'm going with #1

  • PRO
    Avoree Ferreira-Dunlap

    I am a huge fan of grey, so I vote option 1! We would love to see the final photo of whichever you pick!

  • gdevlinjr
    Picture 5/5 looks nice
  • kandystore
    # 2 no doubt, i also would love to see how a light pewter color would look in the kitchen area, maybe stopping at the crease where the living room wall start under the counter , would make that counter top pop and tie it all together. Sorry um #2
  • jbtanyderi
    The walls need art, and the seating area needs a large, interesting rug. Once that’s done, your ideas on dining furniture colour can be made more confidently.
  • Irene Morresey
    Definitely 1, suits existing decor and kitchen
  • niccidhg
    #1 works best with other existing elements like your K backsplash and sofa . Know you weren’t inquiring about this, but since it involves your dining area , - even with a taller table, the light fixture there needs to be much lower . You might even consider a different fixture altogether.
  • niccidhg
    I mentioned possibly getting a whole new light fixture, because the existing light is too small in scale, even if it were lowered. BTW , your wood floors are really pretty .
  • PRO
    Betty Wasserman

    Option #1, the grey, looks the best in our opinion.

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