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New leaves look wrinkled

August 25, 2018

is it caused by some nutritional deficiency ? Please help .

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  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    I just had that happen and when I looked under the wrinkled leaves there were dozens of aphids...So its possible aphids could of caused that wrinkle effect... Of course it may be other things also but check underneath those wrinkled leaves....

    HU-582891411 thanked jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.
  • Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

    Depending on where you live chlli thrips are another thought.

    ‘That is also typical damage from eriophyid mites feeding on roses. Ones that are NOT infected with the rrv.

    HU-582891411 thanked Patty W. zone 5a Illinois
  • socks

    Watch your flower buds. If they have a burnished, bronzy look on the outside and are small and disfigured, along with those leaves looking unusual, you could have thrips. With thrips, all new growth is affected and does not look normal.

    HU-582891411 thanked socks
  • HU-582891411

    Thanks everyone .. I am sure it’s not aphids .. I checked the leaves .. the buds have a brown bronzy look on the outside And kind of disfigured .. But I am not able to find any sort of pests ..

  • pink rose(9b, FL )

    Curled leaves might be caused by calcium deficiency .You can add a fertilizer with micro nutrients like Osmocote Plus .

    HU-582891411 thanked pink rose(9b, FL )
  • vaporvac

    Thank you pink rose! I think that has probably been my problem all along as I have very basic soil. I even had tomato end rot that is caused by Calcium deficiency so this shouldn't be surprising. I've been using dilute miracid and that seems to help my roses in General so hopefully I won't see this much anymore.

  • pink rose(9b, FL )


    I think you should check your soil PH before using Miracid , roses prefer 6.5 to 6.9 soil I think.

    I use Osmocote plus every 3 months and Miracle Grow for roses occasionally. My soil is fast draining sand . I had been adding cow/horse manure and compost to the roses every few months .I think it has improved .

  • vaporvac

    Thank you. I have checked it a long time ago with pH strips but we have extremely basic soil where I live and all my roses are planted near Limestone Foundation or concrete. Everything is chlorotic with few exceptions and much improves with the dilute miracid. I think the basic pH binds up the calcium. I will look into the osmocote as I already use my homemade compost extensively. It is strange how the leaves don't always look like this though. One would think if it's due to Calcium deficiency they would always look like this. Always something to learn! :-)

  • HU-582891411

    Thank you all ... I dont think it’s any pest...I checked the leaves thoroughly... I am going to test the soil ph ..its in river sand , top soil and a compost mix .. maybe it’s too alkaline .

  • socks

    Thrips are extremely small. You may not be able to see them. I have thrips damage but have never seen one, just the damage.

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