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which is better Samsung vs LG for refrigerator & features to look for?

gs r
September 1, 2018

Hi, we are looking to buy refrigerator for our new home confused between two brands LG Vs Samsung. Also what features to look for in refrigerators. I am looking for standard french door refrigerator not counter depth, as i need more storage space like anything above 26 cu. ft.

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  • Anne Duke
    I love French doors for you the versatility of the shelves. My favorite feature is the deli drawer. Next are roomy produce drawers. Neither brand met my requirements, although both looked gorgeous.
  • PRO

    I know that the best local appliance store will no longer carry any Samsung appliances due to repair problems and parts that are impossible to obtain from Samsung. I think both brands have really become big box go-to brands.

  • Toronto Veterinarian

    Features will depend on what you want and aesthetically like. Personally, I hate French doors on refrigerators, and I personally recommend not hooking up your fridge to a water line (so no water or ice dispenser) -- they are frequently the cause of any problems people have with their fridges. The feature I like best in my fridge is the textured and removable liners to the door shelves - it keeps things from moving too much, and I know they'll be easy to clean should something spill. I also like the cylindrical handles, which ergonomically fit the way I hold and open my fridge door.

  • Sheeisback

    I wouldn't honestly consider another brand. Our local (and awesome appliance) store doesn't carry Samsung for the reasons Anglophilia mentioned. I don't believe there was LG on the floor either but definitely no to Samsung.

  • Janet
    We have a service and parts center for Samsung in the Detroit area now. Maybe they are getting on top of that problem.
  • sbp59
    Samsung worst ice maker in the world! Repairman took our money to order new ice maker and never came back... never again
  • weedmeister

    I don't like the LG because the refrigeration unit for the ice maker is in the left-hand door, making it very heavy. They also don't rate the power usage with the ice maker active.

    Last time I looked at consumer reports, they didn't like the Samsung because it was a bit noisy. And there are anecdotes about supply and repair problems.

  • Rebecca

    Fridge and stove set from Samsung cratered within four years. I also believe there is a class action suit against the for ranges catching fire during self-clean cycle, Appliance repairman said Samsung is the worst.

  • jn3344

    I'm another totally dissatisfied Samsung customer. You can search my icemaker thread here on the forums.

    Worst. Service. Ever.

  • zmith

    You need to take stock of your current refrigerator; list the pros and cons. Make a list of the features YOU would like in a new fridge. Then visit a real appliance store.

  • Belahn

    It's interesting to read all these comments about Samsung because I was also considering them. I love the fridge they have with the drink door where you only open the outer door to get a drink. But from what I'm hearing I don't think I want to go with them. I thought they were good. I have a Kitchen Aid that I love. It's French Door style which I never thought I would like until I had one. I don't ever want anything else now. The water dispenser is inside so the front has a clean look and I'm not constantly cleaning that thing due to hard water deposits. The ice maker is small and that's fine with me. It doesn't take up much room in the freezer drawer. It also has the textured removable liners for the shelves, but I added some color by cutting place mats to fit and putting them over the liners, kind of like the fridge coasters they sell but better because I can wash these with soap and water.

  • Janet
    I haven’t had my Samsung for long enough, only about 6 weeks, but it is super quiet and I’ve had no problems so far. I really like it. I got it from Costco, which includes a 4 year warranty with my Costco visa, and a 90 return (they pick up for free) if I change my mind. We have a service and PARTS center in Detroit. My daughter got the top of the line Kitchen Aid appliances, and has been so disappointed. Her oven didn’t work out of the shoot, her stainless panel on her freezer is all rusted, and her dishwasher has been repaired at least 5 times. You won’t find a brand that doesn’t have lovers and haters. I have the Samsung 4 door flex, but not with the door in door.
  • MizLizzie

    My Samsung Flex has a dying ice maker 10 months in. None of our local repair companies will touch either LG or Samsung — even putting up announcements to that fact on their webpages. A reputsble guy I know who sells appliances says buy Whirlpool or Frigidaire. Dunno. My last fridge was an Electrolux. Don’t even go there. Good luck. Anyone buying a fridge nowadays needs it.

  • gs r

    Thank you all for the responses, looking at all the comments i am leaning towards other brands but not Samsung , good to know all these.

    @ zmith , right now i live in a rental apartment so its just what they give don't have any choice :), we are moving to our new home soon so looking at all the features online i am confused, but for me i need more refrigerator space and really don't want the ice maker on the top shelf which eats off some space, other than that i really don't know any more features to look for.

  • 3katz4me

    I've had an LG FD for a little over a year. I really like it so far but too early to say about reliability. Mine has no dispenser in the door, just an icemaker in the drawer. I always thought I didn't like FD fridges until I got one. I really like the fridge space but not all that fond of a freezer drawer which is what you often end up with even if it isn't a FD model. My previous space always required a SxS which I liked more than most people seem to especially being able to see and get to everything in the freezer relatively easily. The width of the compartments was at times limiting but I managed to deal with it for many years.

  • girlwithponytail

    FWIW, I had one of the first french door fridges in the LG brand and we just recently replaced it after a solid 12 years. The freezer was still working. From my understanding, most of these large appliances only have a 10-year lifespan nowadays, so I was pleased with my LG. We stuck with the brand, and we've also had good luck with their dishwashers.

  • blubird

    I too had an LG French door purchased in 2005. The first few years were horrendous, including the infamous burning bulbs, all repaired under warranty. Some additional issues over the years and finally decided to replace it in December 2017. I was not intending to get another LG, but after much research and consideration I did end up with another LG, one of the French door 307 series. So, close to 30 cu. ft, with ice and water on the door ( with my old LG, despite all its other issues, I never had an ice or water problem). I don’t have it long enough to comment on longevity, but it’s very quiet and I love the storage. It has 3 produce/ whatever bins which I wish were two, but it does have one long storage bin as well.

  • zmith

    Gs r,

    Get yourself to an appliance store. Allow plenty of time to look at them all. Make sure you know what size fridge you can fit in your new kitchen.

    IIRC, Samsung and LG are the only brands with dual evaporators,which, if you believe their marketing, makes a more efficient unit. I don't know if that's true.

    Ice makers belong in freezer compartments as far as I'm concerned. And I would avoid a fridge with a lot of "features."

  • dadoes

    My 2004 GE Arctica SxS (came with the house) has dual evaporators. One compressor so it has a 3-way refrigerant diverter valve (freezer, fresh food, or both). I don't know if any current GE offerings have dual evaps.

  • chiflipper

    Steer clear of Korean brands (LG / Samsung) for major appliances (fridges / ranges / W&D).

    Finding repair services (even when under warranty! I speak from experience) is a nightmare. They make excellent small appliances but, they aren't yet ready for "prime time". You have been warned.

  • Karen Rose
    Had an LG French door for 8 years (now in the garage) and really the only issue we had was with the ice maker. It died twice. Unfortunately it was $500 to replace it. It also ran out of ice frequently or froze up and you’d have to clear the return. The refrigerator part was fantastic. Lots of space.
  • Karen Rose
    Had an LG French door for 8 years (now in the garage) and really the only issue we had was with the ice maker. It died twice. Unfortunately it was $500 to replace it. It also ran out of ice frequently or froze up and you’d have to clear the return. The refrigerator part was fantastic. Lots of space.
  • Bryan Lovely

    chiflipper On the other hand, I've had an LG front loader washer and dryer for 8 years and they've been utterly bulletproof. I have to wonder if we see lots of complaints about LG/Samsung breaking because they've sold zillions through the big box stores, and the actual per-unit rate of breakdown isn't really all that large.

    Kind of like, don't look on the internet if you're going to have surgery, because only the people with horrible complications ever post about it.

  • Toronto Veterinarian

    "On the other hand, I've had an LG front loader washer and dryer for 8 years and they've been utterly bulletproof."

    I had an LG front load washer that was wonderful for 11 years. The matching dryer was still working at 11 years, but I replaced both at that time.

  • Michelle wants Sophie back

    Regarding the dual evaporator on GE models, a number of models are dual evaporator (TwinChill feature). Pacific sales' website allows you to select "dual evaporator" as a filter when searching fridges.

  • Holly Stockley

    Well, I won't ever buy another LG. This is under the ice/water dispenser. 3 years old.

  • Toronto Veterinarian

    "This is under the ice/water dispenser."

    Yup, that's the weak point on all refrigerators. I don't understand why anyone would take the risk of them but, to each one's own.....

  • lhutch13
    I’ve had appliance salesmen at 2 different stores tell me never buy Samsung or lg appliances. They make great TVs, crappy appliances and no one will repair them.
  • dadoes

    In-door ice/water dispensers are horrible for longevity and collect all manner of mold, smutz, mineral residue, and condensation. I was given a tip by a long-time appliance servicer to leave the dispenser "night light" turned on continuously which generates enough heat in the cavity to ward-off condensation. That works on my GE which has a little incandescent bulb but newer units typically have LED lighting which doesn't generate sufficient heat to be effective.

    Those here who have refrigerators equipped with external dispensers, look up into the cavity with a light, you maybe appalled at what you see.

  • tjmwine

    Don't buy Korean especially refrigerators, Samsung service is lousy and I have seen about 3-4 LG compressors go out. Hard to find service for both of them.

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