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How practical is cork flooring in a kitchen

September 3, 2018

Hello to those who have lived with cork flooring in a kitchen. How practical is it to maintain

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  • Nothing Left to Say

    We had glueless click cork flooring in two kitchens and were very happy with it. These were not eat in kitchens so we had no table or chairs, which might make a difference as I have read that cork can permanent dent from heavy furniture.

  • zmith

    I've had floating, click-lock APC cork flooring in the kitchen and breakfast area for 4 years now. Absolutely no issues, and I have a large dog. I have a 200# butcher block table, and there's never been any dents in the floor from it.

    Maintenance is frequent dry sweep. I clean up spills right away. Damp mop monthly.

  • Janelle

    We have a glued cork floor in our kitchen which is over 20 years old and love it. When we moved into our current home it was the first thing I changed. It is very easy to keep clean, spills are not a problem and if you drop something breakable there is a good chance it will survive. Personally I would never use anything except cork in a kitchen.

  • ybgupta

    Thank you all for your responses. What kind of sealant is needed, or was your cork prefinished? Cork is a naturally porous material.

  • zmith

    Mine is pre-finished. APC seals the MDF tongue and groove edges of their floating floor planks to aid in resisting water damage.

  • PRO
    Rachiele Custom Sinks

    I have had cork in my kitchen, dining and family room for over 12 years. Love it!

  • Nothing Left to Say

    Ours was prefinished. Care was the same as hardwoods. Sweep and occasionally damp mop.

  • mabeldingeldine

    What brands of cork flooring have poster's above used? What specs should one look for when selecting cork?

  • palimpsest

    No problems with the cork floor in my kitchen. And assuming it is typical of the other things that came in the house it probably was neither the best quality nor the best install. And it was probably not cleaned once in two years that the house was rented before I moved in.

  • Nothing Left to Say

    I don’t remember the brands we used. Our were for our first two houses and installed over a decade ago. One big decision is which kind you get. We went with glueless click for easy of installation, but if my memory is correct the gluedown tiles are more durable and may have an advantage for refinishing?

  • Janelle

    Again as ours is over 20 years old I can't remember the brand - but do remember it came from Spain. It was glued down, sanded back and then sealed. The finish was a type of polyurethane but being so long ago it may be something no longer manufactured. We were unable to walk on it for a couple of days. (If you know where to look there is a footprint of one of our children.) The finish is still very good after all this time, it has been vacuumed daily and mopped at least twice a week. I will be having it refinished within the next few years.

  • AMS

    Great to hear the positive comments - I briefly considered it but dismissed the idea when I heard that walking on it in high heels might dent it (admittedly said by a friend in passing, and I didn't research further). It sounds like this might not be true?

    ETA: I'd love to see photos!

    ybgupta thanked AMS
  • PRO
    Hankins & Associates, Inc. - Kitchens and Baths

    Cork is a great flooring option for the kitchen (and other rooms of the home) offering wonderful durability. Years later, we've had cork floors screened (much like you do to hardwood) then re-urethaned. Photo above is of a kitchen during the installation, but the floor was complete. These were 12"x12"x3/8" cork tiles installed over an underlayment. Homeowners wanted darker diamond inlays randomly located in the floor. The floor was then lightly sanded, then urethaned.

  • mer03

    We've had our US Floors Almada cork floors in the kitchen, dining room and snug area for over 4 years and couldn't be happier. So easy to keep clean, nice and warm on bare feet, and our two dogs enjoy racing around on it. We chose a 4"x35" plank style that our flooring contractor installed.

  • cookncarpenter

    Grew up in a house built in 1955 with cork on the entire first floor, kitchen and bath included. Sold that family home two years ago. Over 60 years, and the floors were still looking good!

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