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Black spots only on top of tomatoes

September 9, 2018

What causes black spots / small holes on the tops of tomatoes? They are San Marzano. It doesn't look like the photos I see of blossom end rot. Are the bottoms of these tomatoes edible still?

Comments (4)

  • digdirt2

    It isn't BER. Some of them appear to be scabbed over injuries such as one sees from support hits, hail or hard rain, some may be insect injuries such as stink bugs, and a few of the really black spots are possibly some mild anthracnose. Yes unless severely damaged internally the rest of the fruit is edible.


  • vgkg Z-7 Va

    I get some spots like that too at times. I chalk it up to a various worm or caterpillar that started to crew into the tomato skin but before it got too involved a predatory wasp came along and made lunch of the worm.

  • Shule

    I think it's just some fungus taking advantage of cracks or old, healed-over insect bites in your tomatoes.

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