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High Country Roses: 20% OFF in-stock varieties!

September 17, 2018
last modified: September 17, 2018

One can choose the shipping date also! I decided to bite the bullet and use my Christmas gift certificate before it expired. I got Applejack, Bordeaux Citiscape, Christian J, Felix Leclerc, LaFrance and Victorian Memory/ Isabella Skinner. I can't wait till next spring!

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  • Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)
    That is a long wait..haha. My first roses that I ordered was also till Spring and boy was I impatient like belated Christmas gift for myself :) The wait was endless , long and torturing. Never again :)
    This time my beds will be ready first .

    Congrats. I am checking a few that you order. I only knows one of them and the rest is so new. Sounds so exciting. You should wait till Spring. Looking forward to your new roses. Remember tons of pics :)
    vaporvac thanked Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)
  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    Great choices, Vapor. I have Christian J., LaFrance and Victorian Memory and they are great roses. I, too, will look forward to photos.

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  • Ann9BNCalif

    I bought Ruby Voodoo after promising myself I wouldn’t buy any more this year. :))


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  • vaporvac

    I do like the anticipation and I have enough pot pets, cuttings and rooted cuttings to babysit over the winter! : ) I'm totally psyched over these roses as I've wanted them since last year, but they're often OOS. Only one that I wanted was unavailable, but hopefully next year! I love climbers, so VM and FLeC were obvious choices for my someday arbor. I first saw LaFrance when I visited his greenhouse and knew I HAD to have it, especially after getting the climbing version from ARE this May. What a vigorous rose and healthier than I had planned. Christian J has fascinated me and I hope to make duplicates to plant in a bed with singles including Darlow's Enigma. Applejack is a fabulous single,..large and strapping! I saw one locally and it spurred me to order it when I say Matt offer it. Bordeaux Citiscape is the only wild card, but sun2shinie really likes it and it's fragrant. I saw it in bloom at HCR this summer and it reminded me enough of Barcelona that I'm trying it until I get cuttings of that one as mine died. I need something in that color to replace my two Dark Desires as they are too tall for the space and not at all bushy. I'll move them to the lower lever as I do really like them. So that's how I came by my choices. I'm also getting Dream Land and Ascot and I think Quicksilver and a couple others. Then I'm good to go for while! : )))

    Ann, I eyed up Ruby Voodoo for a LONG time. It is a gorgeous rose! I'm a bit fascinated with J. Starne's roses in general, and bought Gold Blush this May from ARE. It BSs in a pot, but is a huge bloomer from the get-go.

    Sheila, I would love to hear any info you'd care to share on those three, especially Christian J and Victorian Memory as it seems few grow them. Pictures are always welcome and I don't mind details if you're so inclined.

    Is anyone else ordering?

  • Ann9BNCalif

    vaporvac - that's quite a collection! I'll be very interested to see photos from you. I'll post a photo of RV when I finally get a bloom. My plant is arriving on Thursday, woohoo!

    I read your post on another thread when you asked if we could see your zone. I tried to respond with "no" but Houzz wouldn't even let me type! I can't see the zone now using my laptop or my iPhone. Sorry Houzz is such a pain. :((


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  • vaporvac

    Saying I ordered quite a collection is High Praise coming from you Ann!!! That's so strange about my zone I'm going to go in and see what I can change as I can't even see it on my phone right now. I saw it on my other computer a while ago. How annoying because I always talk as if everyone can see where I'm from.

  • mmmm12

    Next time I go in I'm going to ask to be put on the mailing list so I get the sale announcements. Sounds like you have some great ones ordered.

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    Vapor, no tips yet because mine are new. Next Spring, I should have photos.

  • vaporvac

    ?You can just sign up online mmmm12. : )), but it is a nice excuse to drop in. The sale is still ongoing I think. Did your Chuckles ever come around, btw? Mine's a bloomer, but BSs too with all our rain. : (( I'm looking forward to your pics next year Sheila. It's so interesting to see how the same plants do in such differing locales.

  • AquaEyes 7a NJ

    I ordered quite a few for the cemetery. Eleanor -- the cemetery president -- wants to have a "planting day" in Spring as a way to get people interested in volunteering, so I've been waiting for the end-of-season sales to start. I also nabbed a few from Rose Petals Nursery, which still has a bunch listed for $7, and one for $5. They can't be sorted by price, but if you go to "in-stock roses" and scroll through, keeping an eye on prices, you'll catch those marked down. Those two orders will be shipped April 15. Angel Gardens' sale was on the stipulation that the roses would be shipped by October, so I chose only a few which weren't so tender that they'd be iffy going in the ground here this time of year.

    Since I know you'll ask anyway, I copied the email I sent to Eleanor and pasted it below. It includes a little something about some of the roses, and possible placements. I tried focusing on things that weren't easily found elsewhere, or were "found" roses which would fit here, or were things that would fit and were marked down in price. Moving forward, I'm going to try expanding the cemetery's collection by asking for cuttings, which I'll either try rooting, or just bud onto 'Pink Clouds' and plant deeply enough so that they eventually go own-root.

    From Angel Gardens, coming this month:

    "Barbara's Pasture Rose"

    'Felicite et Perpetue' -- for Maple at Needham-Roxbury

    'Gruss an Teplitz' -- for the Staat bed

    'Kiftsgate' -- for Beech at first bed

    'Rambling Rector' -- for one of the pines

    'Seagull' -- for one of the pines

    From High Country Roses, coming in April:

    'Alfred Colomb' -- Leu bed?

    "Beulah Blakely" (Riverside Cemetery in Denver) -- not sure where yet

    'Dupontii' -- not sure where yet, but look at the pics and think about it

    'Enfant de France' -- Leu bed?

    "Fairmount Proserpine" (Fairmount Cemetery in Denver)
    [possibly the real 'Proserpine', which see below]

    "Fairmount Red" (Fairmount Cemetery in Denver) -- behind main stone in Staat bed
    [possibly 'Rivers' George IV', which see below]

    'Francis E. Lester' (named for the man who started Roses of Yesterday and Today, an old-rose nursery in California) -- possibly to climb the maple in the second (huge) bed


    'General Jacqueminot' -- Leu bed, or can be pegged to the railing in a front corner elsewhere

    'Gloire de Guilan' (a rose found by English gardener-writer Nancy Lindsay growing in Iran to produce attar of roses in the 1940s, but which was much, much older) -- something for the base of a tree, possibly at shorter strip bed

    'Great Western' (named for the second mail steamship to cross the Atlantic in 1838, which arrived just a few hours after the first -- Sirius -- which left four days earlier) -- behind a featured stone

    'Harrison's Yellow', aka 'The Yellow Rose of Texas' -- longer strip bed
    (George Folliott Harrison bred the rose in Manhattan, and his grave is still there, and is now a part of the Heritage Rose District of NYC, which see below)
    Oh, and good thing I placed the order, because now it's sold-out

    "Hattie Burton" (found-rose grown since at least 1920 in Utah, so must be older) -- not sure where yet

    'Henri Martin' -- behind a featured stone, perhaps Leu bed?

    'Henry Nevard' -- not sure where yet

    'Marchesa Boccella' / 'Jacques Cartier' (one of several examples of an old rose whose true identity is suspect, so it's listed under both names) -- not sure where yet

    'Mrs. John Laing' -- not sure where yet

    'Nevada' -- longer strip bed

    'Paul Ricault -- in commerce as' -- behind a featured stone
    [in all likelihood, its real identity is 'Paul Perras', which see below]

    "Souvenir du President Lincoln -- in commerce as" (the original was dark red, but this rose is deep pink -- still, it's very fragrant old long-caned Bourbon from the 19th Century) -- to peg to the railing in a front corner somewhere

    'Stanwell Perpetual' (the old-rose that inspired David Austin to breed repeat-blooming old-fashioned roses) -- not sure where yet

    'Sydonie' -- not sure where yet

    'William Lobb' -- behind a featured stone, maybe Needham-Roxbury, maybe Leu

    From Rose Petals Nursery, coming in April:

    'Anna Olivier' -- not sure where yet, probably Staat or Leu or someplace in full-sun

    "Baretta St. Bourbon" (found-rose from California) -- not sure where yet

    "Chester Cemetery No. 2" (an old Noisette found at least three times, and given a name each time, then later recognized to be the same....so whatever it's real name was, the rose was grown in South Carolina and California) -- not sure where yet

    "Green Mount Red" (Noisette from Green Mount Cemetery in Maryland, replanted in Heritage Rose District in Harlem, NYC) -- not sure where yet

    'Kazanlik' (dating at least to the Crusades, when the earliest Damasks were brought to Europe, this is grown for attar of roses in Bulgaria) -- not sure where yet

    'Ornament des Bosquets -- in commerce as' (original was a once-blooming Ayrshire, but this is a repeat-blooming Noisette) -- climber for a sunny tree

    "Picayune" (an old miniature Polyantha found unnamed in Louisiana, the "found" name refers to a Mexican coin, which is the same size as the tiny blooms) -- for the Staat baby girl who died in the early 20th Century

    'Rhodologue Jules Gravereaux' -- not sure where yet, needs full sun

    "Roseville Noisette" (found-rose from California, probably early 19th Century) -- not sure where yet

    'Souvenir d'un Ami -- in commerce as' (probably not the original, but still a 19th Century Tea) -- not sure where yet, needs full-sun



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  • mmmm12

    Chuckles is still getting settled in its new spot. They look great there as they bloomed right away with the blooms that had set before the move. Being so bright under the shady tree and along our walkway, all in a row, was the right choice for them. Hopefully they will show new growth soon as they settle in. Right now they are neither dying nor growing.

    My big Sally Holmes is still a delight for me. It is up to my collar bone in height. I don't dead head it at all as it seems the new shoots come out from the old bouquets. This is its second year.

    You may recall I put in a new one this year next to it. It is also doing well.

    The new one is actually bigger than the other 2 year old one. This one doesn't seem to grow. Don't know why other than it likes the heat from the rocks better? This area gets a good amount of sun but not as much as the rock bed.

    I'm continuing this post in another post because I just tried to do it all in one and it disappeared.

  • mmmm12

    Third attempt to post this. My most impressive from this years plantings is Playboy. It has been the one that blooms the most although the flowers don't last long. They start out orange and yellow and end pink. The picture above is today's flower. The picture below shows the wider color range. Playboy went in earlier in the summer.

    I did a second batch later in the summer. My best performer from that is Dainty Bess.

    Almost always a bloom or three.

    Dick Koster has had a couple of blooms and Amiga Mia seems to have regular blooms also. Will be interesting to see how they do next year. They were in the second batch so not been in the ground long. Anything from them is impressive at this point.

    So far nothing from Golden Wings or Oranges N Lemons. Oranges N Lemons has an excuse because we broke it off at the base shortly after planting so she has had to grow all new foliage. No excuse for Golden Wings other that she was anemic looking when we bought her. She looks better now but no blooms. Only one bloom from Love Song. A little disappointing as she was in the first batch. But she may be getting too much shade.

    I must say it is quite fun trying these new roses. I'm really glad I turned our rock bed into a rose bed. I can randomly put stuff in there without caring if it goes with the color scheme and just see how it does. Maybe Love Song will end up there.

  • mmmm12

    I registered for an account at High Country Roses. I couldn't find a way to just sign up for notices. Since I've always purchased in person I didn't have an online account. We'll see if this works.

  • Alana8aSC

    I didn't get a notice! How did I miss this!

  • vaporvac

    I don't know why everybody didn't get a notice a Lana. I was so happy for this announcement because I was finally able to use my Christmas gift certificate! I think it's the only time they have a sale. Hopefully I'll get a notice next year and I can post also.

  • Alana8aSC

    I thought I usually get noticed, I don't know why I didn't either... yes please post next time! Hopefully I'll see it!

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