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Can't wait for January

hydrangeahead Central WI 4b
September 21, 2018

I'm so excited for winter sowing this year!!!
I've got my potting mix purchased, and my seeds ordered already. Soon it will be time to start saving my milk jugs :)
Anyone else ready to go? What do you have planned for your 2019 winter sow?

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  • 2ManyDiversions

    So glad to have come across this topic! I'm in TN, zone 7a/b (according to the newest zone map). Never heard of winter sowing and the jug method, but I've already started saving water jugs! We've a lot of landscaping we are attempting this fall, with no plantings planned until spring.

    What are you planning to winter sow hydrangeahead?

    I've some sweet alyssum seeds I gathered 2 years ago after planting them in a pot, along with a ton of rose moss seeds, and sweet william seeds. Given that we've next to no flowers now (due to other ongoing projects) I think I'll try the sweet william in jugs this winter, and perhaps start the alyssum seeds as well. The rose moss maybe later in March (rabbits ate all my seedlings planted in ground spring before last).

    I'd love to find some perennial seeds that do well in full sun to start this winter... I will try to order Gaillardia seeds, and possibly Liatris - I'd tried to grow those years ago but failed miserably. Also some parsley, as I've an herb garden. Does anyone know if basil can be winter sown?

  • hydrangeahead Central WI 4b

    It's so sad, to be between the seasons here... All the summer people are winding down and have less to talk about, and the winter sowers haven't ramped up yet...

    The forms have so many good resources for seeds, I'm sure we can all help you fill your yard right up!

    When it's daylight out again, I'll go get out my Box of Hopes and Dreams, and I'll list the seeds I'm winter sowing. Not that we don't have electricity, but I'm supposed to be sleeping now since I will work all day tomorrow then be on call all weekend (it's just that thinking about flowers when I'm falling asleep makes me happy) :)

    Sweet happy flowery dreams!!!

  • 2ManyDiversions

    ... and how did you know I have been dreaming of flowers since I found out about winter sowing?! Ha ha! Get some sleep, it'll be a while before I start my winter sowing. Can't wait to hear what you've got planned!

    Oh, thought of another question - what if I can't find seedling starter soil this time of year for the jugs?

  • PVick

    2ManyDiversions - you don't need seedling starter soil for winter sowing. All you need is some good potting mix.

    As for the basil, don't sow those in winter. Wait until early spring - March or April.

  • 2ManyDiversions

    Thank you PV, I know I can find potting soil (and have a bit left from earlier), and I'll remember that for the basil.

  • hydrangeahead Central WI 4b

    Soooooooooo excited! Finally got emails from both Johnny's and Swallowtail, seeds are on their way!

    I'll be sure and update with lists of both annuals and perennials I will be sowing :)

  • hydrangeahead Central WI 4b

    2 many, have you been thinking of more full sun perennials? How about echinacea? Mine did well Wintersowing last year.... Also, my Joe Pye Weed and echinops ritro both did well, as well as my gaillardia. Also, lupine, Hollyhocks, poppies, daisies, achillea, and Hardy hibiscus.... Oh geez, so many fun plants!!!

    Looking back, I had a lot more successes than I realized. Can't wait to fill up the yard even more!!!

  • 2ManyDiversions

    Hydrangeahead (your screen name always makes me smile!), I've given it only late-night-before-I-fall-asleep thought... : ) We've been busy trying to finish up the preliminary landscaping in front and back (no plants, shrubs, trees) - and our pond needs additional work. As it stands now, I've far more room for plants than originally thought! I'd considered poppies (I'd tried them a few years ago with no success because my seed packet (purchased at Lowe's) labeled as poppies was actually petunia's!

    I just googled (yes, I had to!) the Joe Pye Weed you mentioned and I've got the perfect place for it! Also I'm considering Cardinal Flowers around the pond... not sure if that's a winter sow seed - haven't had a moment to read the info. I'm definitely wanting to winter sow daisies and gaillardia - never had luck with the latter.

    I need to find some lower growing not as tall, sun-loving flowers, winter sow or not.

    So, are Johnny's and Swallowtail good places to order seeds? I'm not buying seed packets at Lowe's ever again - 2 of mine were mislabeled. I can't remember the place I ordered everything for the cottage garden in the last house - I think it might have been Park, but perhaps not.

  • hydrangeahead Central WI 4b

    Last year and this year I ordered from The Sample Seed Shop- very reasonable, good selection. There's one seed I couldn't find that I ordered from Diane's Seeds (at the time, I am sure I would have found it by now). That was reasonable, but with shipping for ONE packet, I spent $6.45. if I wasn't realllllyyyyyyy wanting white swan echinacea, in probably wouldn't have spent that much...

    Johnny's has great selection for dinner really cool things, but it was more spendy than the others. Swallowtail had a lot of breath things as well.

    Ugh... My phone... If I go back to fix things, it goes bananas. Never happens with my original posts, just when I comment. Grrrrr. Sorry,

  • 2ManyDiversions

    LOL! Lotsa people having issues with words/phones, so I understood what was happening : ) Thank you so much for all the info, and especially telling me what you've had success with. I've got my hopes - and excitement to winter-sow, built up now! Guess as soon as I've a moment to breath I need to start researching and ordering. Oh, and yes, I get it about overspending for that ONE plant seed you want.... mine is the blue balloon flower that doesn't open up all the way. Planted it 20 years ago - beautiful from the 2nd year on! Moved since then and I'd love to find it somewhere.

  • hydrangeahead Central WI 4b

    Is it a platycodon? I had one years ago as well, but it was taken over by a huge bleeding heart that was too gorgeous to move...

  • rocknrollgardener

    2manydiversions - Heeeeey! Im in zone 7 TN as well. Had tremendous success winter sowing this past year! Here is what did REALLY well for me:

    montauk daisy

    cottage pink dianthus

    Annual Vinca


    Cherry Tomato



    Moss Rose

    pow wow echinacea

    poppies galore! (California poppy, Black Swan Poppy, Laurens Grape & Shirley all did okay.. The ones I sowed in the ground did MUCH better. These do best for me when I toss them on the ground and forget about them)

    Check the Nashville Public Library branches for free seeds! They have a seed exchange program that I donate to every now and then. More info here: https://library.nashville.org/event/seed-exchange

    Also - check out the Middle TN plant swap! They meet twice a year. https://www.facebook.com/groups/64785223352/?ref=bookmarks

  • hydrangeahead Central WI 4b

    SeeSeed exchange at the public library? I'm so jelly!!!!

  • 2ManyDiversions

    Hydrangeahead, yes! It was a blue platycodon, unusual in that it was guaranteed to never open fully. And the blooms never did, they remained ‘balloons’ but when the bud turned brown, it’d fall apart and drop seed. Wish I’d had the wisdom to collect them. Yes, bleeding hearts are another favorite of mine, but sadly mine died 3 years ago. Now I have room to plant another and give it a go : )

    Rocknrollgardener – a big ol’ heeeeey back to ya! Hello fellow Tennessean! Thanks so much for contributing – wow, you’ve been doing this a while to huh? Seems I’m always the last to know about good things! Aw, the cottage pink dianthus – I had those in my last cottage garden eons ago and have wanted to grow them again – what fantastic news! I’ve never grown chamomile, but want to plant edible/useful flowers… I tried ‘summer sowing’ some coneflowers with sad results… but it’s the poppies you’ve successfully winter sown that really has me excited!

    I don’t live near Nashville, but I just looked and we did have a seed exchange last September (I missed it).

    I’ve got 9 water jugs saved and more to come before December… guess I’d better start ordering seeds!

    hydrangeahead Central WI 4b thanked 2ManyDiversions

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