Dusty/Gritty feeling quartz?

September 24, 2018
Just had my new quartz countertops installed on Thursday. Noticed they seemed a little dusty but figured it was probably from transportation. We don’t live there yet, but today I went over and wiped them with some water but it still has that gritty dusty feeling. I don’t see anything wrong with them but never had anything other than laminate before. Anyone else have this issue? I searched and found people had similar issues with granite but not quartz.
I called the fabricator/installer and they are sending someone out. But I don’t know when yet. Feeling really anxious about the whole thing.

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  • Mrs. Gopher #BringBackSophie

    Pictures please.

    Also, brand & color of quartz.

    What finish is it?

    Is it new construction? is it possible its just dust from ongoing construction?

  • CountrySunsets
    So here’s some photos. However you cannot really see the dust. However there is a sort of crazing to the surface, I zoomed in on in 2nd picture. It’s smooth to the touch and I thought it was normal. As I said- I never had these kind of counters before. Now I’m wondering if they didn’t polish it right. The countertop edge feels more polished and smooth- no dustiness.
    I don’t have my plumbing connected at the moment so tonight I tried washing w rags with soap and water from bathroom. It helped the dustiness but it seems extremely hard to completely get rid of.
    It isn’t a new constitution but a full kitchen renovation. However, these were like this from day of install. Didn’t notice it to mention to installer until they left.
    The company is calling me (hopefully tomorrow or I’ll be calling them!) to schedule coming out to look at them. For as much $$ as I have in these, it better be an easy fix.
  • CountrySunsets
    Oh and I didn’t choose any special finish at purchase. Just whatever is standard.
    It’s Allen + Roth quartz from Lowe’s in pattern “Auric.”
  • PRO
  • fuzzy wuzzy

    Joe: are you recommending Tenax for all quartz or to solve a particular problem? I recently installed Silestone and haven't had a problem yet. Is Tenax meant to prevent problems or to solve problems?

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    It’s like waxing your car. You don’t have to do it, but it looks nice when you do.

  • salvationiseternal

    Country Sunsets, what ended up being the problem or solution? I have the same thing with my new quartz counter top which was installed at my reception desk. What you described is exactly what I have going on. It doesn't feel gritty as much as it feels dusty. The edge of the quartz is very smooth and doesn't have the same feeling. Someone in my office suggested that perhaps the polish was burnt. I would love to know what you did or found out.

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