Indoor Dry Sauna - crazy to access by outside door?

October 7, 2018

Hi, long time reader and first time poster. We are designing a new-build home in a deeply wooded north east location. We want to install a dry sauna in a convenient location set to heat up each evening for ease of daily use, so basement or secondary building is out. Inside our master bath is perfect placement, but we are also worried about heat and steam being released into the house. I am playing with an idea that I can’t seem to find anywhere and might be a little nutty so happy to get your feedback. Specifically to have the master suite including master bath adjacent to a porch and an electric sauna inside the house walls but accessible from the same porch. The sauna door will open to the outside porch so all heat and steam exits the house. We can have some nice chairs on the porch for cool down and a nearby door will access the master bath for showering etc. We could even have a little hand cool shower on the porch. Thoughts? Are we worrying too much about steam and heat? The house will be very tight modern construction. Thanks so much!!!

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