Is it mycorrhizae or white mildew/mold found on wet/moist soil.

I grow succulents, so obviously I try to follow best practices for succulents and all indoor plants I allow the soil to dry out between watering. I use very well draining soil. Currently it takes a week for the 2 inch planted pots to grow out. The area has low humidity and good air circulation. Even so, I get what looks like to me mildew of some type that is very obvious after watering the plants.

Last week I took one mostly rooted cutting out of the pot to see what the soil looked like all the way down. The white fuzz ran out through out the pots.

One of the ingredients in my soil is compost of two different sources. I expect some mycorrhizae to come with the compost. I have occasionally added mycorrhizae to the soil, but I do not believe I artificially added to these pots.

I thought or I am pretty sure, I had a couple fungus gnats show up the last couple times I have watered. After a day or two they completely clear-up each time.

Some people would say, best practice is to always use sterile soil for seedlings and fresh cuttings. I will never intentionally destroy the microbes in the soil is I am using.

If I ever felt the need to use a spray, I reach for Natria (beneficial bacteria - BT).

From picture online, I can not tell the difference between mycorrhizae & that white soil mold/mildew.

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