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Can concrete be poured on top of brick tile?

October 22, 2018

I have a back patio that is made of smooth brick tile (note: this is NOT actually brick, but smooth tile). I am wondering if I would be able to pour concrete directly on top of the tiles. I am hoping to do this project myself and am looking for some pointers. Another thought I've had was to lay down saltillo tiles on top, if concrete cannot be done.

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  • PRO
    Cinar Interiors, Inc.

    If it is a fire glazed tile, the concrete will not hold properly and will break free.

    Best thing to do is tear out the tile and start fresh.

  • melle_sacto

    Slight spin-off: what would a project like this entail if the tile is attached directly to the patio surface? Would removing the tiles damage the surface?

  • PRO
    Cinar Interiors, Inc.

    If your patio is concrete, go rent a mini jackhammer with a 6" blade. Remove all tile and thinset getting to the smooth concrete below. You might damage the surface a little but it is repairable if you're planning to put another product on top of it. It all depends upon how you handle the jackhammer. Always go at an angle from the side and not directly down.

  • PRO
    Cinar Interiors, Inc.

    If you don't have access from the side, use a hammer to break one tile out and then use the jackhammer. The jackhammer will save you time and your back.

  • seabornman

    Assuming tile is well-supported by a concrete slab below, and there are no obvious faults like a big crack in the middle, sure I'd do it. It doesn't matter if the concrete bonds to the tile below. In fact it may be preferable for it to not bond. You'll need at least 4 inches thick concrete. Do you have room for that along your exterior wall?

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