too cold to plant Vinca minor? greenhouse platic over it?

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2 years ago
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I just installed a 2.5 foot border of vinca minor along a driveway. I tilled the area, removed some dirt and tilled it again so that the vinca is deeper than the lawn so that when the vinca does develop it will be about the same height as the lawn, plus it's sort of in a trench which will hold rain water better (it's almost a full sun area), and there's a bed ledge that can be string trimmer'd as an edger to keep the vinca only in the bed.

It's been about freezing temperatures at night around 33 but only for about an hour or so, day temps in the 50s.

I bought the vinca along with a bunch of cold-hardy wintergem boxwoods the nursery operator told me the boxwoods have no worries to plant now but didn't mention anything about the vinca really. I read as long as the ground is not frozen it's usually ok to plant stuff though.

I mulched the boxwoods and not worried any will die but the vinca I'm a bit worried about.

I did not mulch the vinca because they are small 2" cell starters and to only mulch over the roots of all those tiny starters will be tricky let alone expecting the mulch to stay in place during wind etc. I don't think I want the mulch blowing all over the bed and covering the vinca possibly smoothering it.

I have about 9 more flats of 50 cell vinca starters ready to plant in two days for a complete lawn renovation (lawn was tilled and ready for vinca starters).

My hope is that the vinca will spread fast in spring (as it is known to do), another reason I didn't mulch the entire vinca bed in between each starter is because I want the vinca runners to be right on soil once ready to run and spread in Spring instead of having to root down through a mulch layer.

I'm hoping the vinca takes off and fills in earlier in the season that when crabgrass starts germinating but if CG does I will manually pull it or brush it with roundup. I know roundup can spread undergroudn sort of. I have seen this for example a dandelion's leaves were growing 6" over a walkway. I sprayed only the leaves of the dandelion which were over the walkway (didn't spray any on the lawn) and a week later some grass in the lawn was dead even though I didn't spray over there. ...So I'm a bit hesitant to brush roundup on any weeds which may sprout in the vinca bed. I know they have selective herbicies which kill grass but not weeds (if considering vinca a broadleaf weed) which is the opposite of what most selective herbicides so, but I'm not going to get into all that. To be honest I'll probably just hand pull or weedwack any weeds which start forming in the tilled beds in Spring so that the vinca can fill in thick.

Anyway, back to the coldness, should I put a sheet of platic over the vinca and sort of make a greenhouse over winter? I'm just starting to read about what greenhouses actually do and it will hold heat but of course can also trap too much moisture and rot everything. I can leave the sides open though?

Any suggestions (besides 'shoulda planted the vinca 6 weeks ago')? thanks

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