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Pond to control mosquitos?

Andrea Nowicki Cayea
November 8, 2018

Anyone know if I can use a pond with fish in it to control mosquitos around my home. My thinking is that the mosquitos will chose the pond and the fish will eat the larva. Your thought please.

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  • 2ManyDiversions

    Not a good idea. Mosquitoes prefer stagnant water. Koi and goldfish don't thrive in stagnant water. They need aeration. Aeration tends to make water move. I'd not put in a fish pond for that reason. You might also attract snakes, skunks, opossums, fish-eating birds, etc.

    Arguably, you could install a standing water shallow pond and feeder minnows, replacing the minnows as they died, but I wouldn't. It kind of defeats the purpose. Yes, you'd attract mosquitoes, more mosquitoes : )

    Do you live near a body of water? If so, a pond won't get rid of mosquitoes. Look for water puddles, containers with water, anything that holds water, even a little - and get rid of it if possible. If you can't get rid of standing water, there are sprays that help. I'm not a huge advocate of them, but I don't know how serious your problem is, but I suspect it's bad or you wouldn't come here to ask about a pond. I wish you luck with your mosquito problem, I hate the little suckers. I get terrible reactions from the bites.

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  • tropicbreezent

    You've touched on a pet subject of mine. I went through all of this some years ago and have managed to greatly reduce mosquitos at my place. There are thousands of species of them and they have a lot of different requirements. Some will breed in stagnant water, some only in clear water, others on wet ground.

    They seem to be able to tell if fish inhabit a body of water and tend to avoid it for laying eggs. They find more suitable water and manage to keep up their population levels.

    They always find something suitable. So I provide water containers for them to breed in. When the larvae have developed to a reasonable size the water is tipped into my fish ponds. When setting up the water containers again I never use water from any of the fish ponds, the mosquitos will avoid it.

    New mosquitos will always "blow in", and some will manage to breed away from my water containers. However, generally their numbers are insignificant.

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  • Andrea Nowicki Cayea

    Thanks for your replies--:)

  • Cathy Kaufell

    My frogs seem to do a great job.

  • tropicbreezent

    Studies have shown that frogs aren't good at catching flying insects, except when they're both attracted to lights at night. The insects become confused, are more readily seen and so are easier to catch. Otherwise, they get annoyed by the mosquitos just like us.

  • Nevermore44 - 6a

    I was always getting mosquito issues in the yard in the summer. So I did several of the "traps" of leaving out a small bucket of water with some leaves in it... and then leave in a BT mosquito dunk. You can get these BT dunks or pellets at HD or Lowes.

    This will attract the females to lay their eggs... but they won't be able to develop and turn into adults. It's not the most satisfying trap since you aren't seeing a bunch of dead mosquitoes.... But I will say it really did help in my yard this year.

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