Pink Princess Philodendren....How To Get Best Color????

November 9, 2018

Anyone know how to get the best color out of the Pink Princess philodendron? I have 1 HUGE one, about 6 feet tall, I am trying to take a 'top cut' off it. I have sphagnum moss wrapped around a bunch of the aerial roots, and wrapped it in Saran wrap.it is ready to come off, and i hope it will put out several side shoots and give me new young stems/plants from the cut area.

BUT the plant seems to have gone back to its all deep burgundy color, solid, no pink or spots or anything. I don't know if it was the Fla. heat, this summer, or what. I have had one of these plants nearly all my life. BUT they are usually small. This one is HUGE.

And I want to take that top cut off, and get it to grow, and well, sell it!! The prices of small ones on Ebay are astronomical! Like $50-75!! (Have these been hit by some disease and cant be bought anymore?? ) I cant believe the prices of these small plants. I got mine for like $10.

I have a much smaller one right next to it, they are outside in shade, under two wide leaved palm trees, and the small one is covered in hot pink leaves, spots , streaks of pink, some leaves half pink, half burgundy, etc... I don't get it. The huge one WAS covered in hot pink as well, now it is just dark burgundy, even leaves that WERE pink, have turned dark. Why? Never seen this before.

So.....what conditions makes them put out the pink leaves, and all that expensive colorful variegation? I always have them with the pink leaves, and great variegation. But now I have this huge one that has gone dark, but is growing and blooming! Yet right next to it, is a hot pink leaved one. I dont get it. Any ideas???

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  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    Are your plants receiving enough light to support the colored foliage?

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  • PoohBearLvr

    These are both outside in south Fla. So it is sunny even in the shade. Tech. they are in just about full shade. BUT extreme bright light.

    They are next to each other, and the huge one is all dark burgundy now, and the small one is super colorful. Inches away from each other. so I dont know why the big ones leaves all turned back to a dark solid color. Yet the small one is pink all over every leaf. The big one was full of pink leaves and all those colors, but it has slowly turned to all dark burgundy. Bummer:( Didnt even know a variegated leaf could change color!!

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  • petrushka

    as leaves age they change and turn darker - that's normal. like with Crotons or Ti Plants.

    only the younger tips can be so pink. so the only solution is to cut off the top to make it branch hopefully to increase the number of new growth.

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  • PoohBearLvr

    Well being in croton country, i have a hedge-full of ancient very colorful crotons. The old leaves are still variegated,dull be colorful. Unlike this big one. It all went to dark burgundy. I had a huge one years ago,it never changed color. The small one right next to it, it not turning colors as it ages. I am topping off this big one. Going to take the top rooted cutting,and pot it up. Maybe Ill get it to change back to hot pinks again. And if it puts out new growths, and they are pink again take them off and spread them around my yard and find the right light level to keep it variegated.

  • petrushka

    I just mentioned crotons as an example of plants that change variegation with age. the few PP that I've seen in bot gardens always have darker older leaves and most variegation on young growth.

    I root philos very fast in moist long fiber NZ sphag fully tented - 2 weeks and you'll have excellent roots.

    i'd love to see the results :).

    I found an old post that mentioned that variegation differs on cuttings: some better then others. so you need to keep trying.

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  • PoohBearLvr

    I get it about crotons. I have the top rooted in sphagnum,i just need to cut it off and plant it up. Then see if it changes on new growth, and any new tips that come out from the old plant.

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    I had mine on a screen porch that had a solid roof and screened sides. There was bright shade in the morning and slanted sunlight in the afternoon. This is the leaf coloring I got. It seemed real happy. Ignore the pink ginger flower lol. A lot depends on the individual variegation of the plants, but I think bright indirect light is the best.

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  • PoohBearLvr

    Well...mine is still outside and in very very bright shade all day. I am still planning on top cutting it, it is rooted, and take it inside,and give it low light,or morning sun,inside. Then see if it goes back to pink variegation, with less light. That is all I can think of, is that it is getting to much light. Yet the small Pink Princess, right next to it, is VERY variegated, looks terrific. Tons of bright pink all over it. I always thought plants needed bright light to keep the variegation,but it seems to be the opposite. So, I have to try less light on this huge one. I swear if I tried to sell a cutting off this one, if it still had pink on it, to prove it is a Pink Princess, I could get like $90-100 for it! And still have a huge plant that will put out top new growths, give more plants, and keep topping it off, and get plant after plant after plant from it. Gonna try. It is still unreal the prices they ask/get for this philodendron.

  • keys6505

    Im no philo expert, but in my experience the juvenile plants typically look very different than the mature palnts. Any chance your big plant has just outgrown the pink variegation?

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  • PoohBearLvr

    i have no idea. I assume someone, somewhere in the world, has BIG Pink Princess philos. But no one has said anything. So...I have grown Pink Princess to this size before, in much darker locations, here in Ft.laud, and they stayed will lots of hot pink in it. So I think it needs more shade, to bring out the pink.

    So..time will well if the top cutting I put in much lower light turns back to pinks, or not. And if the new growth will come out with hot pinks or not.

  • moonflower83

    The pink princess philodenren is a chimeral variegation, a type that is achieved by merging two sets of genetics. Eventually some/most plants reverts to one or the other. When it reverts to green and burgundy, the plant lives. When it reverts to pink/white, the plant dies as it can not longer photosynthesize. So I guess being burgundy is better than being dead.

    There are way to encourage it to stay pink, but nothing is guaranteed. This is one reason why these plants are propagated vegetatively, by cuttings, the plants grown from seed will revert to either one or the other present in the parent plant.

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  • PoohBearLvr

    Well all of my Pink Princess' have had massive hot pink on them, including this huge one I have. Thats why i dont understand why the hot pink on that plant, turned to deep burgundy. That has never happened before. Like I said, the smaller one right next to it has terrific hot pink all over it, on the new and old growth. So...once I take the top off this big one, and grow it seperatly, i can see if the new growth goes back to hot pink or not, and if the new top cut puts out new pink in it.

  • moonflower83

    The hot pink changing to burgundy is one set of genetics taking over. If you are very lucky, the plant stays a stable chimera all it's life. Some chimeras are very stable. But considering how many reverted pink princess philodendrons we see in nurseries, I don't think this is one of them. This is what keys6505 may mean but it "outgrowing" it's variegation. Also, why some people have plants that never "outgrow" it, because they hit the jack pot and it never reverts. I've heard that removing all the parts that revert to one side (all green/burgundy or all white/pink) will reduce the chances if it all reverting. But I don't have personal experience with it.

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  • PoohBearLvr

    Dont see how it is 'lucky' to have a terrific multicolored Philo. going back to all deep burgundy. Whats could it change to, green?? Now if it stays that way,it is worth next to nothing, and frankly boring as well. BUT the smaller one that is super covered in hot pink and all the colors, is worth over $100, and if I top it off, and take cuttings, i could get a lot for the new growths, and still have a real Pink Princess plant.

  • moonflower83

    I think you misread. I said it's "lucky" if it stays a stable chimera. This means it's staying alive with BOTH green/burgundy AND pink/white. If it changes to all green, it's just a plain philo, you are right, not worth anything. If it changes to all pink, it dies as it can not longer photosynthesize. You might be able to sell a few cutting while it's still alive to some poor sap that doesn't understand that it's about to die, but it won't live for very long without chlorophyll.

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  • HU-87161206

    Hello all

    I have the solution that everyone seems to require. So if your pink princess produces consecutive all pink leafs Then as pretty as it looks it will eventually kill your plant due to the plant not photosynthesising , you need to cut it back to where the variegated leafs are less than half pink, same if you have no pink on your plant then simply cut back to where u had some Pink. My plant grew very large and lost its colour, I cut it back to where it had colour and boom she is a beauty again.

  • Tanya Stump

    I literally just read that if you snip the plant just above the last node where your variegation ended the plant will produce new shoots with variegation below the cut.

  • Mike the Fiddle Leaf Fig Guy

    What’s the solution?

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