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Best place to hang the hand towels in the kitchen?

November 14, 2018

I would love to hear from Houzzers on the dilemma of where to hang kitchen hand towels. You never see them in the new kitchen pics, so it's a mystery! I have a new kitchen and want to start off right! In my previous kitchen, I kept them under the sink - but it is damp and dark in there; and the cabinet finish bubbled around the knobs from all the wet hands. Too far from the sink and people's hands drip all the way across the floor. The dishwasher is close to the sink, but every time you open the door, the towel drags on the floor. Any brilliant ideas out there??

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  • salex

    People always say "like putting lipstick on a pig" like it's a bad thing. On the other hand, putting a towel on a pig is genius.

    Towel pig appears here and in a few other threads about where to put the hand towels:


  • townlakecakes

    And also towelephant


    We just keep ours folded next to the sink. Easier for keeping water off the butcher block

  • beesneeds

    I tend to hang mine on the handle of my oven door and on a drawer pull that is right next to the sink.

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  • J C
    I have a dog and don't feel comfortable with his grubby paws on them when I hang them from the stove handle.

    I also am not comfortable with putting them in a cabinet, even if designed for it.

    In our new kitchen, I'm mounting a slender, long cabinet pull at the bottom of the upper cabinet, or top of the backsplash near the sink. That will give me a place to hang the towel near my prep zone but keep it away from the front of my cabinets (and dog).
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  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    I keep mine loosely folded on the counter- unless they are damp, in which case they are draped over the edge of my apron front sink or tossed into the laundry basket with a new, dry one folded on the countertop. I change out the kitchen towels several times a day.

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  • louiseize

    J C - can you explain further? do you mean the towel will hang from underneath your upper cabinet?

  • stillpitpat

    Mine hangs from the sink cabinet. Right now, it's hanging on the tilt-out, but once the knee-push mechanism is installed for the big garbage/recycling cabinet just under the tilt-out, it will hang on that. It will have a pull installed specifically for the towel to hang on.

    I have a decorative Marimekko towel hanging on the oven door. It doesn't matter if it occasionally touches the floor b/c it won't be used for hands or dishes.

  • Lil S

    I hang a dish towel on the dishwasher handle. I found that if I fold it over the front of the sink, DH uses it as a napkin or hand towel. Explaining over and over that I can't dry clean dishes with a dirty tower had zero impact, but for some reason, after moving it over several inches to the dishwasher, it stays clean. Go figure!

  • beachem

    I have a stack of towels in a drawer next to the sink. As soon as a towel is wet, it goes right into a wet bag under the sink for laundry.

  • javiwa

    My dishwasher is right next to my sink, too. I don't find it a hassle at all to just pull the towel off then re-hang as I'm in and out of the DW. To me, this alternative beats: 1) having a damp towel around, and 2) taking up counter space by having a damp towel around (as cute as the towel pig is!).

  • thinkdesignlive
    Long bar right in front of the sink
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  • malabacat

    I also hang mine on the handle of my oven door.

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  • skmom
    I added some photos for perspective, you can’t actually see my dish towels in either photo, but I have an entire towel bar (like for bathrooms) on the side of my island. I can hang multiple dish towels out on it, and it’s right behind me when I’m at the main sink and easy to grab if I need to dry something a little more as I’m taking it out of the dishwasher. I love having a towel bar there!
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  • J C
    louiseize - I haven't decided if I will mount it directly to the underside of the back cabinet frame or vertically on the very top of the wall fairly close to the upper cabinet yet.

    We hate damp towels in a laundry basket, etc and want them to be throughly dried before it's crumpled waiting for the wash.

    This way, it'll be near my tile backsplash instead of inside or up against my cabinet fronts.

    Planning to use as a day-to-day approach. For formal entertaining, would just not use it.
  • sushipup1

    "... the dilemma of where to hang kitchen hand towels. You never see them in the new kitchen pics, so it's a mystery!"

    Pictures are not real life. If you are taking pictures to show off, you pick up everything, clean surfaces, even if you just have those counter items stuffed away on the other side of the room. Don't confuse staged photos with real life. Like you wouldn't get a professional picture of yourself without combing your hair and putting on lipstick, at the least.

  • Anne Duke
    I just put a suction hook on the side of a cabinet. I’m concerned about damp towels damaging the wood so I’m going to add a wide enough strip of repositionable clear plastic under the hook. It’s not in an obvious location so I think it’ll be ok. If it doesn’t appeal to me I’ll continue to dump them in the laundry room. Be cautious hanging over an appliance handle, rust spots have been known to develop.
  • Louise McCarthy

    I have one of those cutesy farm tap with a ring. The towel hangs in the ring. Mostly its for show. If I need a towel to dry dishes I just reach up and grab one in the cabinet by the sink. For my hands I use paper towel, I have two, one by the sink and one by my prep space. My kitchen is so tiny I can reach either one without actually moving :-)

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