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Barn Door Hardware / recommendations where to buy

November 17, 2018
We have found 2 vintage doors we want to hang as double barn doors. We have been unable to find hardware locally. We want to get them up before Thanksgiving.

Any recommendation on brands that have worked with or places to buy in philly area. appreciated.

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  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    Barn doors are a trend that has come and gone. Just wanted to mention that in case you're not aware. They never looked right in most rooms anyway so that's a blessing. If you love the look no matter what then just ignore my comment because you have only yourself to please. If you own a house and think you might want to sell down the road then it's not something I would recommend, since barn doors in anything but a barn are very much a trendy look rather than being a classic that will stand the test of time.

  • B AO
    Hi Ingrid

    I have a study that connects to the kitchen via a 5 foot open doorway. We want it to remain open 95% of the time but occasionally being able to close the door would be great. I have found 2 vintage 1/2 beveled glass doors that would mostly be on display in the open position. traditional french doors would be tricky and interfere with furniture. ideas?
  • queenvictorian

    Install them as pocket doors? This will be an order of magnitude or so more expensive because you'll have to rip out walls and stuff, but if you reeeaally want doors there and swinging doors don't work, and the doors are going to be open most of the time, then pocket doors. If you want the vintage doors to be on display when the doorway is open, this is a problem because the nature of pocket doors is to hide in their pockets in their "open" position.

    My Victorian has original pocket doors between the foyer and living room and between the living room and dining room. They are glass. I love them.

    Whatever you do, don't do barn doors. They are a has-been trend at this point, and also functionally inferior to both regular swinging doors and pocket doors.

  • Home Owner
    You can buy barn door hardware online or even at local hardware stores. I don’t think barn doors are trendy, they’ve been around forever and work in places other doors don’t, as in your situation.
    Google barn door hardware, you will find many options.
  • B AO
    long length impossible to find locally.
  • B AO

    Thanks we did find something that worked. i was concerned that the doors were about 100 lbs each but came together nicely.

  • IdaClaire

    They look super!

  • Missi Rogge (4b IA)

    Beautiful doors--and I like that cabinet to the left a lot as well!

  • B AO
    Thanks the doors are about 100 years old salvaged from a chapel at a school. The cabinet is for library cards. We painted it and put the hairpin legs.
  • jay06


  • Kitch4me

    Perfect spot for barn doors!

    Where did you buy the hardware?

  • B AO
    Industrial by design is the maker bought off Amazon

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