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  • luis_pr

    that was supposed to read "camelliashop.com"

  • vvasabi

    Since it’s going to dip to 10 ºF tomorrow in my area, I’m just about to cover my camellias that are still exposed. Last winter I wrapped my camellias in garden fleeces, and there were a good number of survivors (albeit with varying degrees of winter damages). This year I am burying them with fallen leaves, in addition to the garden fleeces outside. We’ll see how it goes next spring.

  • luis_pr

    Holy, cow. That is, er, "brisk" weather!!! I would appreciate all that work myself if I was a plant! Hee hee hee! Stay warm and close to your nearest Starbucks, wherever you are. I just finished planting one camellia minutes ago but my area is mild (50s and lows above freezing).


  • vvasabi

    Last year, it also dropped to 15 ºF on November 10, and it went from 50s a week ago to hard frost. That rapid freezing probably resulted in more winter damages alone than colder temperatures later in the winter. That’s the reason why, this year, I went out to wrap my plants just before the anticipated hard frost. Hopefully, the effort will allow me to save some buds. :)

    I hear you about staying close to Starbucks. Thankfully, we do have plenty (and probably too many) of them. On my daily commute to work, I will pass by at least 4 locations (and numerous other coffee shops) during a 25-minute walk. I suspect the cold climate is exactly why they can stay afloat. Haha!

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  • ctgardenguy (Connecticut zone 6)

    I have a Winter's Joy camellia that I planted in the spring. It has fat buds, but it might be too late in the season for the buds to open up and flower. I have covered it when the temps dropped below freezing. Should I cover it up at temps above freezing? Do I have a chance of seeing it flower? I know I am pushing my luck with a camellia in Connecticut (zone 6b), but we gardeners up North are always pushing the zone hardiness.

  • vvasabi

    I can’t think of any harms to your plant there may be to undo the cover during warm spells, as long as the ground is not solidly frozen. I would personally try it to see if there will be some nice late fall/early winter blooms. Good luck!

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