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Can I mix this coffee table with my couch and dining table?

November 20, 2018
last modified: November 20, 2018

I know next to nothing about design. I recently learned a lot of the stuff I gravitate towards is MCM, although its really natural wood and sleek lines that draws me. For that reason I almost bought a modern farmhouse dining table (this was before I knew what any of these terms were) but passed once I found the dining table in the photos.

In the attached photos: I own the couch and dining table already. I want to get the coffee table because I'm a huge fan of the blue stone and non-engineered wood. I've been shopping for a long time and this is the first one that I've found (in my budget) that I REALLY like that also meets the size conditions for my sectional.

(the top of the above dining table is really much beefier than the photo suggests, if it makes any difference. The table overall looks sleeker and thinner here than in person).

My living and dining area is an open space, and the kitchen as a marble bar that separates the dining from the kitchen.

Not sure of a living area rug yet, but I've been leaning towards something with some shade blue and grey as I think it accents the couch color really nicely (open to suggestions here too). I have orangish wood floors (similar to last photo) and grey walls with the slightest hint of blue.

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  • PRO

    Yes, you can. Just add some elements of juicy and colorful

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  • leelee

    I don't like the coffee table with your sofa. It's too heavy and clunky, not sleek like your sofa or dining table.
    And don't get a matching side table.

    You can do better with a more interesting coffee table. YOur sofa will thank you.

    What is the room like? Do you have a rug?

    Lucite might be a good choice.

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  • Manon Floreat

    The sectional is sleek and clean-lined, while the coffee table is a bit on the chunky and squat side. I don't think they are the most complimentary pairing. I'd look to something a bit sleeker. The dining table, while rustic, still has the clean lines that work well with the sectional.

    Would you consider a glass top?

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  • PRO
    JE Interior Design, LLC

    Hello! Looks like your style is a bit more urban, which is basically MCM with an industrial vibe. I think the coffee table could absolutely work. I also like Manon suggestion of a glass top with a wood rustic base as well. You are on the right track!

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    IMO that coffeee table does not work with the DR table and not with the sofa Iwould look at a noguchi table

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  • HU-442290279

    Thanks for all the feedback.

    I really like the options presented here but I prefer not to get anything glass. I think with the size of my sectional (one side is only 93") I am limited to a square or round table and there's not a whole lot of options that fit well enough in the limited space.

    I think some of photos shown in context makes it seem like it isnt as bulky as originally pcitured, but would appreciate any feedback:

    Wonder if I should consider this one as well, although it might lean too far into industrial side of things:

  • leelee

    Ouch! I just banged my shin on that sharp edge. No to both. They do not work with your sofa.

  • PRO

    With the sleekness and clean lines of your couch and dining table, you need pieces that are not going to be heavy and weigh you down. The pieces you originally chose were heavy, and now the pieces you posted are very heavy. Perhaps showing some designs will help?

    Living Rooms · More Info

    Living Rooms · More Info

    Living Rooms · More Info

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  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    IMO. the pieces you have selected as possibilities are too much of the same.

    I think your dining table is.a winner and I like the black chairs Manon has suggested a lot.

    As for a coffee table, rather than worry if it goes with the table, concentrate your choice toward the color of the Article leather sectional. Kilim relates to both in color and style.

  • leelee

    Why no glass coffee table?

  • Irene Morresey
    Should look good, some inspiration, navy looks good with tan and add some texture, love the sectional. Big art too
  • HU-442290279

    @leelee - having glass in the past, its just too high maintenance with the constant "window cleaning" required for my OCD like habits and with my workload I just dont have the time or desire to clean it near daily.

  • Rebecca

    I'm neutral on your coffee table choice but mainly curious where you got that beautiful sofa? Sorry for the tangent question.

  • HU-442290279

    @ JudyG Designs

    I definitely echo the concerns of the "too much of the same" part. It seems though that when I do find "slimmer" tables in my budget (~500) they are either nearly the same color top as the dining table or super dark mocha, and/or have the thin steel frame which also matches really closely to the dining table. And lastly, the ones I have found that seem perfect are usually way above my range or the width is too big for the space between both sides of the sectional.

    The length of one side of the couch is 93" and the width of the seating area is 35" so that gives me a square space of 58". A 35" wide square table would only give me 10" space from the couch to the table, and most of the tables I find seem to be around 35".

    The blue stone top I found is about 27.5" and instead of being a near match to the dining table (wood top steel base) like many others within my budget, at least it has stone top and a wood base while fitting better in the space.

    So far, its my prime candidate but Im definitely open to suggestions and could expand the budget slightly for something that just hits all the points.

    So please if anyone has suggestions on where to continue my search, please do feel free to point me in the right direction, Im sure there's a lot of good quality places that I've yet to stunble upon so far.

  • HU-442290279

    @ Rebecca

    thanks, its from Article. Im no expert and its my first non-Ikea couch so dont take my word for it, but Im very happy with it and the leather is great quality.

  • kaye1951

    Beautiful sofa!!!

  • kaye1951

    Amoeba comes in three sizes, the Taiga is square. There are other coffee table choices on their site as well. I hope this helps!

  • Manon Floreat

    I found this marble top table at West Elm. It's 30" in diameter and has a good style. It's 350. Might be worth a look?

    Reeve at West Elm

  • HU-442290279

    @ Manon Floreat

    I like that, thank you. I have that at the top of the list now along with my original table (I am getting to see it in person this weekend).

  • HU-442290279

    @ kay1951 Thanks for those suggestions. I like the walnut one but I actually tried the matching dining table as my original dining purchase and found it to be too "weak" if that makes sense.

    The other is great and exactly what I tend to lean towards, but I fear the "too much of the same" idea that others have mentioned since it is light wood top with black steel base like my dining table.

  • HU-442290279

    I think all the comments are helping me formulate a better idea of what I am after. Something sleek but with contrast to the brown and black of the dining table (and the brown of the couch and floor as well).

    I really like this one below as the stone/concrete gives that contrast I'm looking for. My only reservations is that its pretty low sitting at 11.5" while my couch is about 20" in height. I do appreciate that it is very sturdy at 150 lbs.

    Does the chrome base work well with what I have currently? The base of my couch is walnut although very slim.

  • leelee

    15 h x 36 square black marble

    80 lbs


  • HU-442290279

    does this table work? or is the grey too dark?

  • Manon Floreat

    I think that would look great. Good find. What's the return policy on it? It may be worth a try in house.

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  • HU-442290279 thanked groveraxle
  • Lexi GS


    Can you share more details about the last coffee table in your first post?


  • leelee

    Check Wayfair with size details.

  • HU-442290279

    Manon Floreat,

    Unfortunately I think the return policy might be prohibitive on the black stone one so might keep my away from giving it a shot (cust pays return shipping, heavy). Feels like it could be hit or miss with how dark it is in person so it would be a risky buy.

  • HU-442290279


    Thanks for the photoshops. That actually has me back to considering the light grey concrete one the most as it seems to match the overall asthetic better than others I am considering. May not be as thin as what I would prefer but the singlular central base feels like a good compromise.

  • lindsey_9002

    IMO, the solid concrete one doesn’t jive all that well. It’s too much concrete. Here are some choices:

  • sondramartina

    Obviously you love the first table you posted. I also think it's too chunky and heavy. You said you like sleek lines and gravitate to MCM. This table is none of that. But if you like it that's all that matters.

  • HU-442290279

    sondramartina I tried the first one I posed since it was local but am returning it as I agree it doesnt match as well. The grey concrete is similarly bulky but I dont think the style (more modern) matches better than the reclaimed wood of the first one.

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