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Catalogs, Here they Come!

digit (ID/WA, border)
November 25, 2018


Comments (5)
  • Maribeth

    I love it. What a great way to brighten up the weather.

  • digit (ID/WA, border)

    Johnny's catalog has arrived and they have a new winter squash.

    The link is to the first page of Johnny's list. There is also Cha Cha, Buttercup, and Autumn Crown, all repeat performers in my garden and on a basement shelf at this moment.

    Tetsukabuto is the new one ... (too many syllables! ) It's described as a "versatile kabocha/butternut cross," so it is a hybrid of 2 species not usually crossing.

    They say it has resistance to both vine borers and mildew! "Eye-popping yields!" The plant can do it all ...

    Extensive winter squash selection at Johnny's. You need to have a C. moschata or C.
    maxima plant near the Tetsukabuto because it isn't self-pollinating (too many syllables!).


  • nbm1981

    I have been getting MANY more catalogs this year than in years past and it's one of the few things I receive in the mail I will never complain about. I always look forward to Baker Creek's incredible Whole Seed Catalog, which I get free each season (I don't know if that's because I spend WAY too much with them every year or not), and the weekend-upon-weekend fun of perusing through the new ones I've never received before. It's such a fun time of year. I will admit, though, that I am exercising more restraint this year than normal because I already have more seed than I will ever need, or than will remain viable before it can be used.

  • popmama

    I got the Baker Creek catalog. It is almost like a piece of art. In fact, I feel guilty that they send it to me. It probably cost them more to produce than I spent with them last year. I did buy some seeds from them, but not much.

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