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diverter on handheld or separate diverter from the showerhead

November 28, 2018

I've decided to get a fixed showerhead and a handheld. Due to my color, champagne bronze, they have to be separate pieces which will mean more plumbing, although Delta told me that they make a small diverter that attaches to the handheld and the other end of the handheld attaches to the fixed showerhead. Other than looks, (which I'd be so grateful for pics!)- I know it looks a bit different to have the hose form a "u" rather than a tear drop left on it's own not attached to the showerhead, but anywhere I can save money will be great if it makes sense.

I am aware that attaching the handheld to the main shower head will only allow for use of one shower head at a time and I'm ok with that. Is there anything else that I need to consider? The handheld would be mainly for cleaning the shower although my little girl would prob love it for as long as she's little. :)

I am going to see if Delta offers any that come with the bar as well. I don't want the hose forming in a wierd shape if I hook it up to something else other than itself and then sticking out and hitting me while I shower, if that makes sense. I imagine the hoses tend to fall towards the floor, though.


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  • kimromen

    also, benefits of the arm/slide bar verses just a handheld? thx!

  • vjs12

    We got Delta products and did a separate diverter. One for the showerheads and one for the handheld with the bar. The benefit of the slide bar is you don't have to hold it (handsfree).

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  • Anne Duke
    The other benefit is you can move it up and down. I never use the overhead one.
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  • PRO
    Deb Bayless - Design for Keeps

    Great comments above . . . however, Delta offers a hook for the handheld so that you don't have to hold it. The only issue becomes if you have multiple bathers that might want the handheld at differing heights. It is definitely a cost effective way to have both - especially helpful when cleaning the shower. Here is how it looks:

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  • Bruce in Northern Virginia

    We had a handheld mounted on a bar and I found it really convenient. It served as the primary shower head when you slid the bracket up to the top and clipped on the head, and you could always unclip it and use it as a handheld. I think it is an older version of this shower head. https://www.moen.com/products/Twist/Twist_Chrome_ecoperformance_handshower_handheld_shower/S3870EP


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  • PRO
    Debbi Washburn

    You could do the 2 in one type....

    Less " stuff" on the walls...

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  • J Corn

    We have a showerhead that looks very similar to that shown by Debbi. Ours is a Delta. . The center portion is the handheld and both the handheld and exterior portion have adjustable water options, You can choose a gentle flow or a harder “massage type” pulse as well as other options..

    The handheld part can not only be detached and used separately without water coming from the rest of the showerhead or water can flow from both portions at once. We love this shower head.

    I don’t believe we needed a separate diverter. I can check my files.

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  • Anne Duke
    Another reason for a hand held slide system is for people of varying heights. A very tall person can handle anything, but we shorties can’t reach up to a docking system suitable for someone over 6 feet tall.
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  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    We had the Delta dual with diverter. We also had a clip holder when we wanted the handheld in hands free mode. Most shower heads are mounted fairly high so make sure family members can reach it to change modes. The hose for the hand held was stretchable to reach shower corners. It laid against wall when not in use. Nice cost effective combo.
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