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Help with railing & gable & bead board ceiling color. Almost DONE!

November 29, 2018
Would appreciate some guidance as we wrap up our porch addition and exterior remodel.

1) Porch Railing: What color/style/material type do you recommend for the porch railing, for the side that attaches to the house, and the two railings needed in front of the stone columns for the 3 steps down to the ground?

Painted cedar? Trex aluminum? White? Black?Some other product? I am not wanting to mess this final detail up!

2) Bead Board ceiling: Front door is Pella Fiberglass in dark mahogany. What color should we stain the ceiling? I was thinking a little lighter than the door, but not as light as the current natural color it is?

3) Porch Roof Gable: It was left as white for now, but should the triangle area inside the white trim be painted the same Gray Slate color as the rest of our Hardie board siding? And to match the other gable?

Thanks so much!

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  • shahfam
    And pretend the sun is shining, and the grass is green, with NO snow on the ground! That’s my trick to surviving winter this year! Especially when we had our first blizzard in Chicago before 12/1!
  • PRO
    Excalibur Metal Design

    What a beautiful home! If you're thinking about railing, we think a black steel railing would look amazing! It looks like your front door is black (or is that just the photo?) and a black railing would really stand out. Have the rail powder coated so that it will hold up to all the weather conditions. Here's a few pictures of some simple exterior railings we've done to give you some ideas..

    Exterior Railing · More Info

    Exterior Railing · More Info

    Exterior Railing · More Info

    shahfam thanked Excalibur Metal Design
  • shahfam
    Thanks for your reply!

    The door is actually dark mahogany, by Pella. Door handle is the antique bronze, and the light fixtures are as well, but it’s a super dark bronze, almost looks black. Decorative lantern to be installed next week.

    Knowing that, do you still think black for a railing choice? My goal is for the railing to “disappear” to the eye, vs being an eye catcher. Especially for the stairs coming down to the ground level.

    See up close pictures of the door without the shadows, making it look black, and the lantern that is on the way!
  • PRO
    Excalibur Metal Design

    Thanks for the clarification! If you're going with the more bronze look, that's always a great powder coat option! Textured Bronze is a pretty common color choice with our clients.

    If you'd like the railing to " disappear", consider cable railing. It's a popular option for people who don't want to ruin a view! Here's a few pictures!

    Blackened Cable Railing · More Info

  • Rachel Lee
    I agree with the recommendation for a bronze metal railing. I would clear coat the ceiling if you don’t want to paint it. Going darker will make it feel too heavy, I think. The gable should be white to draw the eye. It’s a very pretty and functional addition. Good job!

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