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*Please Help! Renovating for Curb Appeal on an Ugly House with Porch*

December 2, 2018

Would greatly appreciate any advice on how to fix up our current home. We've already bought white wide board and batten siding so that's set and the "shutters" are getting removed. Eventually we want a metal roof, but that's years down the road. I've included the a mock-up of the current idea, we plan on replacing and lengthening the windows to be all the same height and REALLY need to figure out basically everything about the porch, columns, railing or no, color, etc (needs some sort of gate on the end to keep the dogs in the yard). Maybe grey stone on the foundation. The overgrown trees will be replanted elsewhere. Still debating on the grids, but double hung windows with grids seem to best fit the look of the house/the barn we are redoing as well to match the house. Please don't hold back any ideas, advice, etc. Plus would LOVE to hear from anyone with black windows....fading issues, etc., leaning towards either Andersen 100 or Marvin Wood Ultrex (I know they are very different price points, I want something for the best value that won't fade like vinyl).

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Comments (11)
  • PRO
    The Cook's Kitchen

    Landscaping is what your home needs. Not a change in siding. It has a lot of charm. It’s just hidden.

  • cat_ky

    I agree. Its a nice looking house, just badly in need of decent landscaping and some TLC. Looks a bit neglected.

  • K K

    I completely agree about the landscaping, however we need to replace the siding as it is falling apart and plan on doing the windows since they are old as well. I want to make the house look not so typical 1980s ranch. I'm hoping to get some ideas on the porch and how to redo it, and some extra eyes on the current plan to see if someone has better ideas than me (which I'm sure someone does lol). Thanks!

  • gigirambles

    Definitely not a pro - so take anything I say with a grain of salt - but I love porches. Is there any way that the porch could be widened? This one seems pretty narrow - I can sympathize; mine is ridiculous. A deeper porch, with cleaned up landscaping, would be so inviting.

  • K K

    Would love to widen it, unfortunately the roof of the porch won't be changed so we're pretty stuck with the narrowness. It's not really used to hang out on since our backyard has a much nicer view and is where we spend our time.

  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    So remove the overgrown landscaping NOW, so you (and we) can actually see the house. Then gather ideas and decide where to go.

  • ilovecomputers

    Following. Adorable dog!

  • Laurie Radin
    Your new plan looks great but I think you should use a different door. The one in the plan with an oval window doesn’t belong with the updated design.
  • PRO
    Castle Railings LLC

    Beautiful home! I think some landscaping would definitely be a big improvement.

  • K K

    I agree the door needs changing out, thoughts on what would look best? I know landscaping is a must, but it's winter here so no moving of plants until spring as I want to replant them elsewhere. My focus is on the exterior of the house - the porch is my major concern and what type of windows to buy, do you feel it's too busy with 6/6 grids? I wanted Andersen 100 series casements, but as they will open onto the porch walkway I think that's not really an option so am going for Andersen 100 single hung or Marvin Wood Ultrex/Andersen Woodright 400 series in double hung. The foundation will probably get wrapped in a bluish grey stone. Right now figuring out railings on the porch, color, look, etc.

  • PRO
    Legacy Pre-Finishing, Inc.

    If you need help with siding options (materials, styles or colors) let me know how I can help. I do agree with the other posts here that the landscaping will make a huge impact on the look of the house for sure.

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