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Crazy tile idea...calling Bill/Mongo..

December 2, 2018

So...I fell in love with a combination mother of pearl and marble tile that I'd like to use in our master shower as the deco accent. Area would be about 20 sq ft, rectangle. Upon researching, though, it seems that mother of pearl + moisture in shower is not recommended. So I came up with a brilliant solution. (or so I think) Alas, poor DH says I am completely bonkers and it would never work.

My idea is this: put a clear piece of glass on top of the beautiful tile in the accent area, silicone/seal it off, then add a liner on the perimeter to disguise the double layer. So the pretty tile is waterproofed and protected.

Bill, Mongo? Thoughts? Would this work?

Here is the tile:

Or, instead of the mosaic, could we just use mother of pearl tile behind a sheet of glass? The mop alone is so very thin...seems like that might work also.

Thanks in advance,


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  • PRO
    Focal Point Hardware

    i don't know much about that. but it sounds brilliant if that helps any. i actually would have done that had i had this issue. I'm curious to know what the real experts on tile say about this. my expertise is in the tub, and the shower heads, and the faucets... so if you have any questions about that - ASK AWAY!!.

  • Storybook Home
    Not a pro or versed in this at all but, I feel like condensation would be a problem? Like with windows or a glass of coke, except you couldn’t wipe it off if behind the glass.
  • PRO
    The Cook's Kitchen

    Grout and tile are not waterproof. You would have wicking from capillary action. The tile would become damp no matter what. Put that behind glass, and you would get mold.

  • Jean

    The plan was to seal the gap with silicone, not grout. Could moisture still get through?

  • Helen

    Take a look at some of the stone patterns from Artistic Tile. I used their Walden pattern in my shower as it's fine for that purpose as it's rated for used in a wet environment.

    Artistic Tile - Walden

    They have other mosaic stone/marble tiles if you look through their website.

    Third picture is my shower

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