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If your plants could talk...

December 3, 2018

What would they tell you??

Mine would scream « Stop moving us »!! :D

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  • GardenHo_MI_Z5

    This past week mine would be yelling...

    ”Hey! Watch where you’re stepping!!”

    As I’ve been tromping through the gardens stringing Xmas lights on my dwarf spruces and shrubs. Oooops...sorry guys!

    mazerolm_3a thanked GardenHo_MI_Z5
  • mazerolm_3a

    Gardenho: pics of lights in your garden are welcome! :)

  • GardenHo_MI_Z5

    I’ll see if I can get some maz, they are hard to capture...

    Plus it’s cold out lol!

  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    “Plant us already! We are tired of being in pots“


    ”Mmmm . . . . Lovely soil”

    depending on whether I have found a spot for them.

    mazerolm_3a thanked NHBabs z4b-5a NH
  • GardenHo_MI_Z5

    This past summer...

    ”Ok I think you’ve got enough now, PLEASE stop dividing us!”

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  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    "I love it here!"..lol..I have shade plants living in shade..our soil's nice..they have lots of "friends" (other plants)..

    mazerolm_3a thanked nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
  • mazerolm_3a

    I picture mine as speaking with a posh British accent! Lol!

  • cooper8828

    I live in a pretty arid place, so pretty sure they would say "Water me, and some shade would be great!"

    mazerolm_3a thanked cooper8828
  • tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱

    "Did you have to plant that one so close to me???"


    mazerolm_3a thanked tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱
  • GardenHo_MI_Z5

    Here’s a few maz. Most didn’t turn out..

    Front porch

    Snowman in driveway bed

    Newest addition this year..vintage wheelbarrow bearing gifts...in the (sloped) garden of course :)

    I used to decorate across the whole acre lot, but I no longer have the energy so now I just do around the house.

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  • mazerolm_3a

    Oh wow!!! It’s beautiful, GardenHo!! Love the blue lights!! Thanks for posting! :)

  • GardenHo_MI_Z5

    Thanks maz and you’re welcome :)

  • mxk3

    "Thanks for taking care of me." :0)

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  • Jay 6a Chicago

    Plants do talk. You have get very quiet, be still, and listen!

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  • rob333 (zone 7a)

    water me already, why doncha?!

    mazerolm_3a thanked rob333 (zone 7a)
  • dbarron

    Wow, I wonder if my plants would be a mouthy lot? How would I react to them offering 'advice'? Mine could chide me on putting shade lovers in as much sun as I sometimes do, especially the trilliums (which actually seem to do well with that, since they're gone by the time it gets HOT).

    I'm sure at some parts of the year, they'd be 'Wow, you got a towel, I'm always wet!', and others 'Why don't you just leave the hose here?'.

    mazerolm_3a thanked dbarron
  • mazerolm_3a

    @dbarron: mouthy lot?! Lol!

  • Jay 6a Chicago

    They don't speak in an audible voice. It's telepathic. All Life is connected. They say we need them as much as they need us. They all have their own song that they sing!

  • dbarron

    Jay, when the white van pulls up and people get out, go with them. Try on the funky coat...it's for your own good ;) (just joking..I actually feel somewhat the same way, I feel in touch with them)

    I feel the reproach when they wilt because I haven't watered timely enough.

  • sandyslopes z5b n. UT

    My plants would say: This neighborhood is getting crowded! Didn't you believe we would GROW?!?

    The polite ones would say: Excuse me, pull this grass, please.

    What they would say to each other: So how long ya think she'll stand there with those newcomers in pots until she realizes there's no room for them?

    mazerolm_3a thanked sandyslopes z5b n. UT
  • dbarron

    Sandy, I have to qualify (for my plants which are in the same sitiation):


    'Oh no, more roommates, will he never stop advertising?'

    'I'm working on my phytotoxicity, why don't you help, you marsh-mallow?'

    'I'm trying to put on weight and just crowd them out.'

    'And I'm trying to reproduce here. My sun, the neighborhood is so competitive.'

    'Look out! The trowel is coming, someone is going to go six inches under!'



    Err, yes, it's early in the morning and I had lucid dreams last night.

    mazerolm_3a thanked dbarron
  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

    I used to decorate across the whole acre lot, but I no longer have the energy so now I just do around the house.

    ==>> i never lacked energy or drive.. for the decorating ...

    it was the take down where i lacked the will ... lol ...


    ho: werent you in the UP ... still there ... or am i confused????

  • GardenHo_MI_Z5

    Lol Ken...yes you are confused...

    and yes taking them down is no fun...stiff frozen extension cords are a pita to work with!!

  • Skip1909

    "Help this deer ate all my leaves again!"

    "Ill be full size in about 10 years"

    mazerolm_3a thanked Skip1909
  • Campanula UK Z8

    Where have you been?


    mazerolm_3a thanked Campanula UK Z8

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