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Would you buy the Miele G 6745 Dishwasher? 10yr warr. + Miele install?

December 4, 2018

My 10 year old Bosch 800 series is done, drain pump is not working properly.

The Miele 6745 seems to be their top model for this line that isn’t a built in.

Have you purchased it or would you?

I am considering the 10 year warranty package and the Miele install package but Miele said the install package doesn’t add two extra years when you already buy the 10 year extended, doesn’t make much sense to me, otherwise what’s the advantage of having Miele do the install?

is it worth changing my connection to a plug?

Comments (25)
  • fauguy

    I take it you're in Canada or the UK, as Miele only offers up to a 5 year extended warranty in the US.

  • Mark

    Yup, Canada.

  • Lawrence Sprowls

    It's easy to spend a lot of money on a dishwasher but not get anything in return. In Consumer Reports (https://www.consumerreports.org/join) testing, several Miele dishwashers performed well but for $1500+, no way. Bosch dishwashers consistently rated highly across models that varied dramatically in price. The best deals seem to be the sleek-looking Bosch SHXM4AY55N at $675 and the less-fancy Bosch SHEM3AY55N at $540. Lots of consumer anecdotal reviews at homedepot.com too.

  • Mark

    My 800 series model Bosch from 10 years ago has likely fallen apart, every rack component has lost its clips and other repairs, has Bosch improved interior quality in the last 10 years?

    the one thing that i like about the Miele is that i hear they dry plastic better, I like the auto open, and the 3D cuttlery rack looks great, is Bosch Keeping up in this regard?

  • Lawrence Sprowls

    $1800 for a dishwasher? You could buy three of the suggested Bosch for this.

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    I would buy that unit without hesitation. My current Miele (don't remember name/number it's the knock-to-open) is relatively new, so not great longevity info- but works perfectly well. Previous Miele lasted ten years before we moved.

  • fauguy

    I purchased a Miele Diamante in 2010 and had no problems with it. But earlier this year the motor went out. It would of cost $700 for the part and $300 labor to fix it. So I looked to replace it with Asko, Bosch, or Miele. I ended up with the Miele G6625SCU as my dealer had one new in box at $400 off MSRP. But even if it were full price ($1600) I liked the design and racks of the Miele the most, but Asko would of been my 2nd choice.

    I've been using the new Miele for 8 months now and it works just fine. I do like it a bit more than the older unit it replaced.

  • fauguy

    I forgot to mention the G7000 series will be coming out next year. So if a person doesn't need a dishwasher right away, it may be worth the wait...either for a newer model, or to get a 6000 series at a discount.

  • zmith

    @Lawrence Sprowls, if Consumer Reports touted the Miele as the end all be all of dishwashers, as they do with the Bosch, then you would be all over the internet touting the Miele, as you appear to worship CR.

    I frankly don't think it's anyone's business to question how much someone else chooses to spend on an appliance.

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    CR has a bias against the high end of the market. If I were looking for entry level appliances, I still would not trust CR, but the alignment would not be as off as it is discussing brands like Miele, Gagg, Lacanche, even Bosch, et al.

  • Lawrence Sprowls

    zsmith: The questioner asked whether he should buy an $1800 dishwasher. I provided data to support the answer, "No".

    Rita:"CR has a bias against the high end of the market."

    Nonsense. CR has no such bias. CR just exposes the fact that expensive appliances generally don't perform any better than ones from everyday brands, angering the houzz types who have spent fortunes on fancy-pants appliances for no reason but feel the need to justify their decision. Nobody needs to spend $1800 for a dishwasher that doesn't wash the dishes any better than a $500 model. Can he do so? Of course, it's his money.

  • Milo Pompeii

    The audiophile community abandoned CR in the late 1990s after years of controversy. Knew it was still around, but can’t believe anyone would put any faith in a word they say. Whatever. I purchased a Miele.

  • Lawrence Sprowls

    "The audiophile community abandoned CR in the late 1990s..."

    Ah yes. The "audiophile community", the elite whose members buy tube amplifiers and $1000 turntables in search of the perfect sound while we unwashed masses succumb to transistors, streaming audio, and -- hide the children -- $400 Whirlpool dishwashers. But while our ears may suffer our dishes are just as clean!

  • fauguy

    This bickering is really getting ridiculous in here.

    When my kitchen remodel was done in 2006 I went with GE appliances, including a $500 GE Profile Dishwasher. Within the 1st year, it had about 1 tech visit per month due to issues (not filling right, draining, detergent door not opening...). After 15 months of problems, I went to Lowe's and spoke with the manager. He was able to take it back, give me an in-store credit, which I used to buy an Electrolux Wave Touch dishwasher at $1000. I had it 3 months, but the exposed door springs on the side were made too large that they hit the cabinets every time I opened and closed the dishwasher. Also the touch control panel started to act up. After the problems with that, Lowe's took it back and refunded my credit card.

    At that point I went without a dishwasher for 2 years while I took my time, looked around, and did plenty of research. I ended up buying a Miele in 2010 that was $1200. It lasted me 8 years with zero problems. Then earlier this year the motor died ( a $700 part). I looked around again, and bought another Miele at $1200 (G6625SCU).

    Now counter that with my friend that bought a house across the street in 2008. In the past 10 years, he's had to replace 2 fridges, and 4 dishwashers. Why? Because he buys the lowest priced Whirlpool units he can find. All 4 of his Whirlpool dishwashers have lasted on average 2-3 years and cost about $400 each. So that right there is about $1600 that he has spent on dishwashers over 10 years....more than the $1200 that I spent for a higher quality unit that lasted 8 years before the motor died.

    With the experience that I had with the GE and Electrolux models, and my friend's Whirlpool units only lasting 2-3 years, I would rather spend more and have 1 unit that's made well and will last longer.

  • dan1888

    Another satisfied Miele user. CR doesn't have enough 'members' to be getting reliable long-term use reports. You see that with their used car info. I did the install for mine and a friends. Follow the recommendation after you read them. No problems.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Whether its audiophiles or foodies, it matters not. If you are interested in quality and reliability, along with design, CR is not the publication for you. CR has its demographic. I am not in it.

  • Lawrence Sprowls

    CR is the only place where one can find consistent performance measurements. I always recommend that people also check consumers' anecdotal reviews on sites such as Home Depot and Best Buy for the product under consideration.

    People make all sorts of statements here about reliability of 10- even 20-year-old appliances that are no longer manufactured; these are irrelevant to new models. People assume that a new, for example, GE appliance will last because their grandma's 30-year-old model did. General Electric doesn't even manufacture appliances anymore, having sold the brand to Haier in 2016.

    fauguy: spending $2400 on dishwashers in 8 years: such a deal!

  • fauguy

    I personally would rather spend the $1200 up front for a unit that will last longer, instead of $400 for a unit that last 2-3 years and has to keep being replaced.

  • dadoes

    I paid $1348 + tax for my DishDrawer. It's now 15 years 4 months of age.

    I did some DIY repairs on it in 2015 (@ 12 years). Parts were not the outrageous cost that I've seen mentioned for Miele, Bosch, etc.
    Dual-solenoid water inlet valve $37.50.
    Pump/motor rotor $85.
    Double drain hose set $80.

  • Nellene

    I'm a huge Miele dishwasher fan! It's the only one I don't have to wash the dishes before loading the dishwasher. I had a Bosch recently due to where I moved. It was good but the drying was bad. Already ordered my Miele dishwasher at my new house. :) No I don't sell them, haha, just have owned, used, and loved!

  • Lawrence Sprowls

    "It's the only one I don't have to wash the dishes before loading the dishwasher."

    One should not wash dishes before putting them in a dishwasher. Many dishwashers have sensors which "look" at the water to determine the dirtiness of the dishes. If you pre-wash, you'll cause the dishwasher to "think" that the dishes are clean and causing it to wash improperly.

    The key to clean dishes is the detergent: Cascade Complete 12x pods alone get everything perfectly clean, including pots and pans, in a 13-year-old mid-line Whirlpool*.

    *Yes, one does not have to spend $1200 for a dishwasher that lasts.

  • mrb6228

    My Miele Excella II at a mere 8.5 years old is finished. Granted, it has nearly 8000 hours of operation behind it, but I surely expected longer from a 2K dishwasher. Simply couldn't bring myself to buy another one. Looking at the Bosch lineup for a similar featured machine at half the price. I figure it wont hurt as much when it dies and needs replacement.


  • zmith

    There you go again, Larry Sprowls, mocking folks who choose to buy a high-end machine. Do you also condemn folks who choose to buy luxury vehicles?

    My 10 year old Bosch cleans best with plain old powder detergent. Using those pricey pods could cost Larry around $40 more per year. I'm ok with that, as it's his choice to overpay for DW detergent if he thinks it works better.

  • Lawrence Sprowls

    "Do you also condemn folks who choose to buy luxury vehicles?"

    No, but luxury vehicles generally perform better than standard models.

    "Using those pricey pods could cost Larry around $40 more per year".

    Seventy-eight Cascade Complete 12x "ActionPacs" cost $17 at Walmart.

  • Brent B

    I did buy the 6745 with the 10 year warranty.
    We're in a open floorplan, we've had it about a month now; I'm not sure if it's quieter or not, but it washes very well, and I like the auto door opening feature.
    I installed the second Miele myself; the only snag was the water line didn't want to connect so (a long story shortened) we bought a 12" extention line to connect it, this went on easily.

    Like fauguy, I owned a previous Miele before. Despite having problems with it and checking out competitive models from Asko and Bosche, we elected to go back to Miele.
    The Asko bottom racks were too low, and our dishes had problems staying where they were put on the bosche racks when opening and closing them.

    On the Miele, the problems we had was the in-line water line with the solenoid box on it which crapped out for the third time. Now, apparently they've put the solenoid within the dw.

    And as for the warranty, although over an hour away, Miele will reimburse us after paying our local appliance repair facility

    I have a ConsumerReports on-line subscription, and I'll tell you it isn't for the reports on any appliances. Their user reviews rarely reflect CR's take on them.

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