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Is it weird to have a porch roof extend over its stairs?

One of my least favorite winter tasks is shoveling the stairs to my front porch. There are only four of them, but they lead to a concrete landing (and another much larger set of stairs down to the street level) that also need to be shoveled, and given the layout of our yard/fence/stairs there just isn't a lot of room to maneuver, so I end up making a mess and banging the shovel on the stair rails constantly. We are considering a new porch and I was thinking hey, why not move the stairs a bit so they're UNDER the porch ceiling rather than sticking out - we'd only lose a few square feet of porch space - but I don't see many examples of this design online. Is that because it's a big design no-no?

Here's a (gorgeous, IMO) craftsman that has three stairs under its front gable, but this was one of only a very few examples I could find online:

Our house is a 1890s foursquare that did originally have a porch, but the current porch is not original and the footprint has been changed.



It's a bit hard to see from the photos, but the current stairs are turned 90 degrees from the originals, which came straight out from the front door into the yard. I would love to return them to this orientation and add the gable back to the roofline, with the stairs underneath, not only to protect them from snow but also to keep them from protruding too far into our already-shallow front yard. Weird or doable (or both)? Thanks!

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  • Annastacia
    Personally, I love the photo of the original gable, and if you have the means to return it back to that, then yes! I love covered stairs as well, as a Canadian, I appreciate anything that requires less shovelling!
    I think sometimes these beautiful old houses get ruined when people try to “modernize” them. If you live in a century house, you have to love that centuries style!
    So, yes, I say rework the gable, and make the entrance grand again!
    biondanonima (Zone 7a Hudson Valley) thanked Annastacia
  • biondanonima (Zone 7a Hudson Valley)

    Thank you Annastacia - I agree that the house looks MUCH nicer in the original photo! I absolutely want to restore the look of the old porch, but I do understand why the former owners enlarged the porch - the original one was just 7.5' deep, which doesn't give you a lot of room for a dining table, etc. The existing footprint looks like this:

    And the new plan would look like this:

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