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please help me decide on color of mirror

Tina Sarvi
December 4, 2018
Please help me decide on color of the mirror. After putting white up I thought white would be the one but asked a group on Facebook and 80% said grey Bc it has contrast. I just returned the white and feel that I made the wrong choice. My heart says white.
Also light fixture will go and 2 individual ones will be placed above each mirror.
Comments (18)
  • PRO

    I would have darkened the wall and kept the white mirror

  • Carolyn T

    It is your house - listen to your heart!

  • Kiwikeeper
    I like the white but I would put your new lights on the side of the mirrors. Less shadows make for a much nicer image in the mirror and great day.
  • blondelle
    I like the white too with the darker wall. You could also avoid it all and choose a metal frame.
  • hummingalong2
    I like the grey, white is too blah..
  • Tina Sarvi
    Kiwikeeper when you say side you mean in between them? Bc there is no room on the sides
  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    I don’t like the mirror itself. The shape and the fact there are two over smaller sinks just isn’t working, no matter the color.

    Have you considered one large, rectangular mirror in a tone of your faucets?

  • Kiwikeeper
    Yes Tina I mean between them.
    I didn’t really notice no room on the side.
  • Tina Sarvi
    I’m worried 2 lights between them might look odd. I haven’t seen it that way
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    that's a lot of white. I do like the white (but not that exact mirror you picked) but you need a darker wall color.

    Or, go with a natural wood frame to lend some warmth to the white

    or you could do something like this beaded silver-antique brass metal frame

    what do your new lights look like? and I assume someone will be coming to make new lighting holes and patch the old one? perfect time to pick a new paint color.

  • felizlady
    White mirror, but add color on the walls.
  • PRO
    Seldens Furniture

    Yes, I agree with everyone else. If you stick with your white frame, then would do a darker wall. If you do white on white then the frame on the mirror doesn't stand out. I like Beth's idea of going for a metal frame. That will help glam up the space and give you that different texture. One large mirror is a great idea as well. If you have a small bathroom, a large mirror will help make the room a little bigger. Hear are some examples. Good luck!

    Currey and Company Antiqued Wall Mirror · More Info

    Studio A Driftwood Mirror · More Info

  • PRO
    Chi Renovation & Design

    The exact white mirror you have doesn't seem to work, unless you darken the walls. If you keep the walls as is, we actually really like the darker framed mirror.

    Shabby Chic Studio Loft · More Info

    Park Ridge Retreat · More Info

    Office Bathroom · More Info

  • leelee

    I like a contrast since everything else in the room is white. Time to pull in another color. This is called creating interest. Everything all the same isn't interesting.

    Do you have room for sconce lights (one on each wall beside the mirrors) and one in the middle just about eye level. Over the mirror lights are not very attractive.

  • threers

    Current mirror: too white, wrong shape. Change the shape or change the color. My vote is to go for a new mirror, smaller, rectangular shape and in metal to match plumbing or new lighting.

  • RedRyder
    If you do your make up in this bathroom you need side lights so your face is properly and evenly lit. Overhead lights create shadows.
    I think the metallic mirrors that have been suggested will improve the room. Somehow the white mirrors aren’t doing it.
  • PRO
    Color Zen

    White mirrors, richer paint color, new lights w design flair :)

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