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MishMash of Metals

Lori Kaye
December 4, 2018

My daughter-in-law (nicely) pointed out my house is a mishmash of 1990's gold (lights and door knobs), brushed bronze (kitchen pulls, hinges, front door handle and family room fan), and brushed nickel (dining room chandelier and hallway mirror). What should I do to unify the look somewhat? I'm doing this with resale in mind a few years down the road. Thanks so much!

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    Beth H. :

    well, without pics, we can only guess. change out your doorknobs (and hinges) to something in the nickel family. as for the brushed bronze and lighting,,,have no idea because I don't have a crystal ball for your house!

  • Lori Kaye

    So do you mean it's okay if there are some different metals as long as there aren't too many? Thanks!

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    Beth H. :

    it's fine to mix metals. but the gold door knobs of 1985 should really be replaced! and without actually seeing what metals you have, it's hard to say, "oh yes,,,it looks good".

  • Lori Kaye

    Thanks for clarifying your comment. Out with all the 80's gold!

  • worthy

    I used porcelain handles with 24K gold plated rosettes. If that's what you have, I wouldn't be in such a hurry to throw them out.

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    Beth H. :

    pretty sure what she has looks something like this:

    Lori, look at what this blogger did to switch hers

    Lori Kaye thanked Beth H. :
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    By "gold" you are referring to the shiny greenish brass of the eighties. To which you have added other finishes. At some point you will sell the house.

    Consult a designer for a few hours, and proceed cautiously. My guess is there may be other issues to consider. Don't start throwing money at "potential resale" without considering the potential of wasting a lot of money : )

    Lori Kaye thanked JAN MOYER
  • Lori Kaye

    The photos you provide are exactly what my knobs look like. I'll check out her blog. Thanks for the cautionary, advice, Jan.

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    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I agree this will require some thought before spending the money.

    Lori Kaye thanked Patricia Colwell Consulting

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