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What’s “in” for bathrooms?

December 5, 2018

We are doing a fairly superficial bath remodel. Keeping a fairly new dark wood vanity but trying to pick a tile color for the floor and shower that’s modern but won’t be dated in six months...what are some good styles and colors for tile to consider?

They should both work with dark wood and not be too “outdated”. We aren’t selling soon but don’t want people to walk in and immediately think “They did this in 2018” five years from now.

Seems like gray is already on the way out...

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  • aprilneverends

    ..can you show your bath, and tell a bit about the style of adjacent spaces?

    it's never just a style of one space,,as long as it works with the overall style of your house, it works. Cohesive things always tend to please the eye. One new remodeled place that has no connection to the rest of the house can be perceived very negatively. So you want to remodel-but in a sensitive way.

    many colors and styles would work with dark wood..unless it's very dark, almost black one, or very red, mahogany-like

    the style of your vanity-plays role

    lighting your bath gets-plays role

    what function you prefer-plays huge role. I rejected many tiles I love-were too slippery for me. I need some texture in flooring, other people do great just with flooring that is approved to have in bathrooms

    in short the more you tell/show-the better the suggestions will be.

    otherwise, it's a guessing game

  • Helen

    Aside from the previous post in terms of the bathroom relating to the rest of the house in some manner, I can't think of a worse way to approach a remodel than worrying about what is in.

    If you look at design magazines or just google images, there are bathrooms done in a multitude of beautiful styles aside from the ubiquitous and boring white or gray. Which ones speak to you - that's how I started. I looked at images and saved the ones that I liked. I dd that very quickly without pondering them. Once I had accumulated images, I began figuring out what might be common elements - of course there were outliers in terms of style that I had to give up in terms of choices but I wound up with a bathroom that I love being in - it's completely not "in" and it combines traditional with more modern elements and it captures most of what I loved in my inspiration photos.

    If you chase what's in, you are going to be unhappy when it inevitably become out. If you use elements you love - whether they are trendy, in or out, chances are you will still like it five years from now - and whether someone likes YOUR taste or not, they won't be able to know it was a 2018 remodel.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Whatever is “in “ now will be out at some time . A simple design is always timeless IMO so keep it simple solid color floor tile in a lrge format that you also use for the shower walls is a good start . If you want an accent tile that should also be simple and used in moderation like maybe the backsplash .Simple white fixtures with nice simple faucets

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