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Chipped slate...acceptable?

Kimberly G
December 5, 2018

One of my my slate tiles that was just grouted has a chip in the corner. is this worth having them remove it and put it in another tile in its place? We have almost a whole box extra. Is this considered normal?

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  • patriceny

    Is it "real" slate? That stuff chips very easily so if it is truly slate then I would encourage you to learn to live with chips because there are more to come....

    If it's a tile that looks like slate, then no - I would expect those to be relatively perfect when first installed.

  • Kimberly G
    it's real
  • just_janni

    Slate is variable. GOOD SLATE is not easy to chip (and this looks like a good green slate - Vermont, possibly) I've had Vermont slate in my home in black, green and variegated purple for 20+ years with NO CHIPPING and no wear, and it looks as good as the day it was installed. (Multicolor Indian slate that was so popular for a while is a totally different story - that is more like a shale and layers stuff off much more easily due to the rust and other "stuff" that weakens the structure.)

    That being said...

    I would say that it depends on "where" this is. I have a piece with a similar corner in my bedroom and or course - it's right near the foot of the bed. (Why couldn't it have been under the bed???) and I didn't replace it. I wish I had. Had it been closer to the corner, I would have left it.

  • Kimberly G
    it is Mountauk black slate.
  • blondelle
    I would just recolor it to hide the white and see how it looks. You can try a grout coloring pen that has lots of colors
  • homechef59

    I've installed black slate in a half a dozen homes at this point. It's my favorite flooring. I always use it in kitchens.

    You will get chips. It won't happen often, but they do occur. I always seemed to experience one of two right after installation.

    My suggestion is to apply your sealer right over the chipped area and live with it. It's part of the beauty of a natural product. If you had wanted perfect, you would have selected a manufactured tile. This is nature's beauty. Appreciate it.

  • PRO

    I'm surprised to hear people say that slate tiles chip. I had variegated Vermont slate on the floor in a tiny kitchen that basically served also as the entrance to the outside in our dorm apt in Maine. We lived in the apt for 10 years - think we put the slate in after 1/2 years. At that time, we also had 5 dogs and three cats. That stuff NEVER chipped. It came from Lowes and only cost $1 a sq foot - hardly "pricey" stuff!

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    Our house was built in about 1960 with a slate floor in the foyer. It was already 40+ years old when we moved in. I always knew there was a chip, it didn't bother us. But now that I'm looking at the whole floor, maybe there were more chips! The grout is pretty wide, and dark grey, and now that I'm "seeing" it, it think they used a little extra grout to fill in from chips or uneven cutting! Oh well, it still doesn't bother me, but then, it's old and we weren't the ones installing it.

    (what does bother me is the round spot where clearly a plant sat for years. So I have a small upholstered stool over the slightly-lighter circle.)

  • jn3344

    Looks like some grout water got washed into the chip. Once you get that out it should be fine.

  • angelazuill

    If that chipped months after install I wouldn’t stress about it but I would be hesitant to accept that right out of the gate. Just my opinion though.

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