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Regretting my couch color choice

Mariah Reeves
December 5, 2018

I bought a Cayanne (orange) couch, it's nice, but I'm regretting my color decision and personally would rather a more neutral color couch along with a chaise for more functionality in my small space. I've only had this couch for 2 months, but im still bummed.

Any ideas design how I could make this better? Anyone looking to purchase a couch lol?

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  • tartanmeup

    You can probably make it work but if you don't like it, cut your losses now rather than live with it and sigh every time you see it. You didn't buy it at Ikea, by chance?

  • threers

    I suggest you look for accessories, curtains, and rugs that go with your couch. "Goes with" does not mean "match". I like to look at fabrics and wallpapers for examples of color planning. My friend had purchased a red sofa and stopped there for the same reason you are confused. We looked a fabrics and wallpapers that had red in them until we found one that she liked and went from there. Give yourself time to look and see and learn before you give up on the couch. And do look at patterned rugs for ideas too.

  • sondramartina

    Love your couch!

  • kulrn

    Find a rug that coordinates. Let the couch be the star. It's not a bad color and it's not brown!! Yay!

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  • PRO
    Diana Bier Interiors, LLC

    I agree--it's a great-looking sofa!

    Remember that a room is the sum of its parts--don't get hung up on one piece. As stated above, rugs, curtains and pillows in complementary colors and patterns could make a terrific room!

  • Bette P
    I really like your sofa. Finding a rug is your best bet or keep it neutral and add blue accents. Here’s some inspiration photos from Houzz.
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  • groveraxle

    I think a bold red piece like that looks great with warm neutrals and lots of natural materials:

    Aspen Alps Condominiums U105 · More Info

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  • mgadesign
    Love the color of the couch. You have so many options and it will be a fun, modern look!
  • housegal200

    Yay! A sofa Dilemma that's not a big brown or black manatee. Your sofa has wonderful lines. Think neutrals as suggested--many options. Pair it with wonderful art.

    Living Room · More Info

    Brooklyn Townhouse · More Info

    Check out Pinterest with the search for "red couch" and see what pops up.

  • groveraxle

    Mariah, if you'll show photos of all the walls of the space, we can help you design and source stuff.

  • PRO
    Color Zen

    The sofa is great! Bette's ideas above are perfect inspiration... Too many boring gray & tan sofas in the world :)

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  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    great color. you can accent that to the hilt w/art, rugs, pillows, accessories. for instance, this color, deep peacock shade, looks beautiful w/the cayenne color. bring it in the room in the rug, or pillows or art.

    show us a pic of the entire space so we can see what you're working with.

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  • Kathi Steele

    I am so sorry you are unhappy with your sofa.

    Can you post pictures of the room and post a plan with windows and doorways?

    It can help.

  • Kathi Steele

    Beth, that palette with the peaches just speaks to me! Somehow, you always manage to get the right colors, shades, hues, what ever you call it and they just look magical!!!

  • dyliane

    Finally a couch that is not grey or beige. Very nice color, embrace it!

  • PRO
    Nicola Interiors

    There is so much you can do with that couch. Here is a design we did with a great color scheme that might help you decorate around that couch. Note the colors orange, teal, black, grey, and white.

    Leeward Renovation · More Info

    Leeward Renovation · More Info

    Leeward Renovation · More Info

    Leeward Renovation · More Info

  • ls1114

    Why are you regretting it?

    I love a bold colored sofa. My current one is a canary yellow velvet chesterfield. Its a beast. It makes my entire living room. I have accents in navy and turquoise and its amazing. The key is to pick accent colors that tie the room together. Your sofa can be a focal point as the only bright item if you go with tan or gray, or it can be paired with another bright-- I think a royal blue or navy would be stunning as pillows or lamps. Play with texture.

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