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Help with arrangement of appliances in small “butler pantry”

December 5, 2018
last modified: December 5, 2018

My kitchen is very open and I want a place for things like nespresso maker, etc. I have a miele oven/microwave combo in the kitchen, but I dont like using it for microwaving.

The bp is a very small space. I really wanted to add freezer drawers, dw and microwave, but it’s really cutting down on my space for storing things like my instant pot. I dont think the dw and freezer drawers should be next to each other, correct? I could move the freezer drawers to the laundry I guess. The kitchen is to the left of the space, so that seems like the right place for a microwave drawer. Is there any way to get microwave, freezer drawers, and dw in the space?

I could move them here in laundry:

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  • PRO

    Well, let's start with the fact that this is NOT a "butler's pantry". It's more like an appliance/utility room. I would want the dishwasher in my kitchen, next to my sink. I'd also prefer a microwave in my main kitchen. As for the freezer drawers, I'd just have a separate upright freezer if I need more space than that in my refrigerator.

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  • kootenaycapable
    I agree that the dishwasher belongs in the kitchen. You are losing lots of storage space by having those open shelves in the butler's pantry. Have cabinets that will hold your small appliances. I don't know the price of freezer drawers, but will assume that an upright freezer will cost less, and be easier to service/Replace.
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  • rockybird

    Thanks guys! Agree Argophilia, it's not a true bp..just not sure what to call it.

    I am thinking of moving the freezer drawers to the laundry for more cabinet space, but I'm not sure if it can go next to a dryer?

    There are two dishwasher drawers on either side of the kitchen sink. There is the miele microwave oven in the kitchen, but it's part of a convection oven combo. I'd like to have another one, because the miele is getting condensation on the cabinets when I open it. I dont want to have to retrofit my existing kitchen for one either. The issue with the room is the ceiling is dropped to 7 feet, so I think the shelves will make it look more open. Part of the reason I want the freezer drawers is my kitchen freezer is small. I"d like a place to store large bags of parrot food, which I think I could just drop into the freezer drawers. But you are right in that I am losing space.

  • rockybird
    Here some pics of the space.
  • lmckuin
    I think your overall idea is a good one. Many houses now also have a more private clean up spot with a 2nd sink and dishwasher so that when you entertain, you can pile the dirty dishes away.

    It looks like there is a closet that faces the other way. Could you repurpose that space (make the opting go towards the cabinets) and put the freezers and additional storage there?
  • rockybird

    Imckuin - That's exactly what I was thinking. The kitchen is wide open and I dont want things sitting out. The closet is a great idea...I was hoping to use it for brooms, vacuum, shoes, etc. It is pretty large and I think too deep. Still, I wonder if I could divide it. I'll measure it tonight.

  • Fori

    I'm pretty sure that your freezer drawers can go next to another appliance like a dishwasher or even an oven, but the dryer might be pushing it. I don't think dryers are insulated like kitchen appliances, but it might be worth following up with the manufacturer as the stackables are often stuck in kitchens.

    If the freezer drawers are mainly for bird food, they should go in the laundry room because that's where you'll do the bird stuff, right? And can the W/D go on the end, under the short ceiling? (I know you probably have a reason for putting them where you did.) You could kill the (cute) desk. Go, from left to right, w/d, drawer stack for detergent with upper cab if wanted, or tall skinny cabinet to fill in the rest of the short ceiling area, then the freezer drawers and the rest of it. You're tight on storage space, you don't really need a desk there, you know where I'm going....

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  • David Cary

    Just curious, have you priced the freezer drawers? Ouch.

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  • just_janni

    Weird ideas.

    1) alliance garage / full depth cabinets with doors that open and slide back into the cabinets instead of open shelves. Inside - nespresso, etc. I like my instant pot more open (you could store it in there) but then to use it and release steam / pressure I want in the open. I'd put this on the right hand side to make the room feel more open when you walked in.

    2) For the freezer drawer(s) - put one in the BP down low, and the micro above it (people food) on the left side as shown with the micro and then another freezer drawer in the laundry for parrot food. I am putting a fridge in the laundry for dog stuff.

    3) in the laundry - your flat surface space / folding area is precious - guard it with your life! ;-)

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  • rockybird

    Thank you so much guys!!!

    Imkuin - I measured the closet and I dont think it will work. It’s too deep. It is 48”deep by 37” wide. It was a great idea. I think it’ll make a good closet for vacuums, brooms, paper towels, etc. though.

    David - I did price them. :(. I’ve called aj Madison and abt appliances. The KA double freezer drawer or freezer/fridge drawer is $2400. I live alone and dont cook, and my Thermador freezer is almost too small even for me. The house is 5000 sq feet and if someone ever bought it with a family, they’d definitely want a bigger freezer.

    Jani - these are great ideas. Thank you! I didnt think of doing one drawer with the microwave. I wonder if that might be a good compromise! Maybe I can just get by with a single drawer. I am going to look into that. Maybe I can put it in the bp then, under the microwave.

    Fori - Thanks! The plumbing is already in place for the w/d. The reason I moved it is because the door from the bedroom side will likely be open most of the time and I didnt want a sight line into the w/d. The “desk” I figured will look like a floating walnut counter that you can sit at, but you could also put a laundry basket under it. I wonder if I can put a single freezer drawer in the laundry and one in the bp as Jani suggested. I need to price them out.

    - If I have room and use the instant pot a lot, I’ll probably just leave it sitting out in the bp on the counter.

  • rockybird

    Just wanted to update the post. I think I’ll forgo the “desk” and put a cabinet there. My reasoning for the desk was that a laundry basket could go under it, but I guess it could go in the cabinet too.

    Anyway, how does this look? From what I read online, it is okay to put the freezer drawers next to the washer. I’m also thinking of just forgoing the freezer drawers, but it seems for a house this size, there should be more freezer space than the 18” wide freezer in the kitchen.


    Light pink cabinets, walnut trim, white casearstone counters, walnut shelves:

    Appliance room:

    Indigo/teal cabinets (or walnut) with walnut shelves and trim:

  • jdsb2

    I had a very similar set up in my old house, but had more storage in the Butler's pantry as I had upper cabinets and a full size pantry unit. I also had double ovens in the butler's pantry. I would consider getting a Miele combi steam or speed oven instead of the microwave to pair with the convection oven in the main kitchen and putting the other one in the BP instead of the microwave. I have both and love them. I did not put in a microwave and we do not miss it at all.

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  • rockybird

    Thanks jdsb2! I think I mistyped. I have both a miele speed oven and a bigger miele oven in the kitchen. Do you use your miele speed oven for microwaving? I do, but it the plate that comes with it is becoming stained from the food. It will not wash off. It's very odd.

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