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threshold issue where tile meets floor

Adam J
5 days ago
I’ve got a 4.5” space where a wall used to be that needs some kind of threshold transition from tile to hard wood. The vertical distance between the two is about .5”. Any ideas on what to do??

I’m considering just custom cutting a wood threshold, rather than pull up all the tile and extending about 1.5” as you can see in the original walkway.

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  • rantontoo

    Is there a height difference?

    I see two options. It looks like you have extra tile in the pictures, if so you could cut the wood to an even margin and fill the space with cut tiles. Another option is to cut the wood floor to an even margin and then fill in the gap with wood running in the other direction in a contrasting or color matched stain. You could run the new wood in the direction of the existing floo but all those short pieces in a row would look odd to me.

  • Adam J
    Ya I feel like wood running the same direction would be odd, perhaps better look to run perpendicular. That way it would completely fill the gap. Yes, there’s a 1/2” jump up to the tile.

    Not sure I’d like the look of filling in tile pieces, but I do have extra pieces avail.

    Thinking the wood option might look better, not sure tho.
  • alen3

    I think wood would look better, too.

  • eandhl2

    What is going on your counters? Would a threshold made of the granite work?

  • Irene Morresey
    Some inspiration
  • Adam J
    All great ideas. Quartz is going on the counters, Nougat from Ikea. I’ll update with pics when the threshold is complete! Going with the wood option, red oak and stain to match floors. I have some return vents that need to be configured in the threshold as well, looking set some 4”x12” wooden drop-in style returns.

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