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Do people still use those marble vase fillers?

5 days ago
I work for a staging company, and some of my coworkers love to use those colored glass marbles in their tablescapes... on plates, in glasses, scattered on the table, etc. I feel like this is so dated! Am I just too Modern?! Is this still a thing?
Comments (13)
  • lindsey (still misses Sophie)

    They are cheesy. Even my 10 year old is over them.


  • D M

    It is more in how it is used than in what is used.

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    They look super cheesy to me too. I am not sure most people would notice or care. Folks who haunt these forums tend to care more about little things like this.

  • Jamie Ludwig

    I use them when I arrange fresh flowers, just 2"-3" in the bottom of a vase so the flowers stay in place. I have also used them in the bottom of a glass jar or vase to stablize a pillar candle. Other than that I really don't like the messy busy look of speading them out loose on a table or counter.

  • Manon Floreat

    I like them as Jamie uses them - for personal use. For staging it seems like one would want to minimize the appearance of clutter, so scattering them about on random surfaces seems a little odd to me.

  • greenfish1234

    Yes in a vase of flowers. I have a Waterford candy box filled with clear ones. I have anothe Waterford vase filled with collected sea glass, Certainly not strewn about. I find most staging I see in RE listings very cheesy.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I agree most staging has no place in reality , I would rather help a client declutter and clean than spend money on staging. As for the glass pebbles in a vase maybe and clear .

  • pennydesign

    I see them in wedding reception photos....

    I see "staging" as the real-life version of a magazine spread. When we looked at houses, there would be artfully arranged trays on a perfectly made bed complete with teapot, teacup and perfectly draped throw....

    I don't know if I think differently than others, but not only does stuff like this not "sell" me a house, or impress me, or make me want that house to be mine, but it kind of annoys me because it's like we're being viewed by others as needing to see things a certain way...like we're stupid or something? Idk...

    Anyway---I don't have time or inclination to clean stuff like that. And I don't think it looks pretty.

    (Like greenfish, I have some sea glass collected over the years in a dish...it's good memories)...

  • apple_pie_order

    The scattered look is long over in my area.

  • lindsey (still misses Sophie)

    As an amendment to my previous comment, I meant that they are cheesy when they are used irrelevantly to stage a home.

    Used as a vase filler for fresh flowers or a stand-in for candy in a candy dish that is itself art, they make perfect sense.

    In my mind, sea glass has almost no relation to this product!

  • Sheeisback

    They were a big thing in weddings around here back in the earlier 2000s. That's what I relate them to and can't get into them. I just think there are so many more interesting things one could use instead. I agree that sea glass has no relation. :)

  • PRO
    Meyer Design

    I would not use them!

  • pennydesign

    Other than them both being decorative chunks of glass? IDK...I would say that chunks of glass as "faux candy" is less relevant and not something I've ever seen before...

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