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The colour Cream - need design suggestions

December 5, 2018

Hi, we have recently purchased a house that has cream tiles, cream walls, cream curtains and cream kitchen.

I hate cream. I love white/grey crisp and clean tones.

Originally we said we will just re paid the whole house cream and get the kitchen re painted white. But iv just realised that the curtains are cream aswell.

Any suggestions on any colours that might go with cream so i can avoid changing the curtains at this stage. Will the cream curtains look really bad next to white walls?

We also want to rip the tiles up and get floor boards.

Any interior design suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated.

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  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    looks like an operating room. where are the curtains? why not just change them?

    as for the walls, they look white in the pic. the kitchen cabs look like warm white.

    I have to ask,,,what is with that one lonely kitchen light?? did someone really think that was a good idea? do you plan on pendant lighting over the island? recessed lighting?

    if you put a soft color on the walls, the kitchen cabs will appear whiter. what if you did something like crushed ice (SW)? its almost a white, with a neutral gray tone.

    or try one of these

  • Irene Morresey
    Perhaps a taupe, griege colour, will make cabinets etc seem whiter. Parlour taupe used in all the below pics. It goes well with a blue grey. Add some art
  • PRO

    Those aren't "curtains" They are custom roman shades from your photos. If you are asking if you will love them against white walls? Probably not. The kitchen appears to be laminate cabinetry? Not sure if paint would be successful on those to white.

    There are folks who can't bear anything but the whitest white. If you are one of them, you have your answer.

    Good painters don't spill. I would first address what seems to be a LIGHTING issue, the flooring issue to what you want.......EVERYWHERE...... .

    Is this a condo , on a slab foundation or something? AC in the ceiling is why I ask. Is there any lighting in the kitchen?? beyond that lonely surface mount.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    IMO first address the lighting in that kitchen you need pot lights and lots of them with daylight LED bulbs in the 3500-5000K range then stsrt looking at colors. Right now from what I see the light casts a yellow hue to everything as for the shades it will depend on the color you choose for the walls whether they will work or not

  • PRO
    J Design Group - Interior Designers Miami - Modern

    I would paint the walls white. You should consider having fabric wall coverings also in a sheer white. Suggestion add additional lighting including an interesting decorative fixture. Also consider art in the foreground to add some color.

    J Design Group - Miami Interior Designers
    225 Malaga Ave
    Coral Gables, FL 33134
    Ph: 305-444-4611

  • mimimomy

    Well that's a lovely kitchen as-is! The tiles look to be in perfect condition so cannot imagine engaging in a demo activity on them...

    To me this looks like a great kitchen, and as Patricia said, focus on lighting. I'd even consider some pendants with a bright cobalt blue shade to add some color.

    If it were mine, I would probably not even paint it at first (looks like it's just been painted). I'd move in, add some plants and color, change out the lighting,

    Beautiful artwork, area rugs, lighting, plants, decor, furnishing, done... Why spend months waiting to enjoy your home when you can start enjoying it right away?

    Live with it for six months, if it still bothered me (doubt it) I'd have saved not just a ton of money but a ton of headaches trying to find tradespeople who will do as good of a job as the one who did your tiles.

    Seriously, it's going to be a lot cheaper to hire a really good interior designer to come in and work with what you have and furnish and decorate this house beautifully, than to start ripping and painting. For me, I'd rather spend 30K on design help and furnishings and decor, rather than to make the changes you are suggesting.

    Get a consultation with one of the pros who has weighed in here... I think they will be able to transform your space with scarcely a paintbrush... but I could be wrong!! :)

    Maybe budget's no object and you are o.k. with trashing the interior, in which case have at it!

  • mimimomy

    By the way, attention to the exterior decor and landscaping will also visually bring color to your space. You have the great doors you can open to bring the outdoors in.

    Have fun!

  • Suki Kabuki

    Holy cow where is the lighting?

  • PRO
    Carolina Kitchen & Bath

    If you can get a lighting designer in there, that may be a big step toward fixing the problem. I'm with Patricia, you need to start with lighting.

  • cawaps

    I feel like I'm missing something here...the backsplash looks like gray back-painted glass, which works fine with the color of the cabinets. So why, exactly, can't you paint the walls gray? I think it would look fine. Your "cream" reads warm white in the photos, and as others have suggested, tweaking the color temperature of your lamps and the lighting you add will reduce the yellow in them.

    Gray paint, put down some gray runners, add some nickel pendants, pretty soon you'll have the gray look you were after.

  • Hansen
    Either the room photographs well or it's just plain gorgeous. Add some lights and colorful accessories and live with it for a few months before making changes.
  • cawaps

    I went hunting for cream/gray inspiration pics for you.

    Grays, creams and bright whites.

    The Highlands - Towns · More Info

    Cream curtains and chair with gray walls.

    Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc. · More Info

    Gray walls and greige curtains with bright white trim and ceiling and cream sofas and rug.

    Living room remodeling · More Info

    I dislike almost everything about the decorating in the photo below, but it illustrates a point that was made in various posts. Same wall paint and tile on both sides of the room, but both look cream on the left and light gray on the right because of differences in the lighting. Change your lighting and you can go from the left side to the right side.

    DUNBOGAN HOMES · More Info

  • lulu bella

    Irene Morrisey that Parlour Taupe is a gorgeous color.

    I agree with the later posts that cream and gray go nicely together.

    I wonder what sezzker thinks.

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