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Newbie needs advice on changing the color of this table.

December 6, 2018
I recently bought a console table for my hall and the color of the actual piece of furniture came out MUCH darker than advertised online. Although it goes with the floor and mirror, I want it to be a few shades lighter as it makes my already dark hallway appear much darker. The surface is lacquered so I guess I can sand it but what is the best way to go about painting it? I was thinking of using white wax. Would that be effective? I just want to lighten the furniture without making any drastic changes. Plus the table has been painted in a way that you can see the original tone of the wood underneath the grey layer and you can also see the grooves of the wood. I don’t want to loose that completely and make it completely flat looking (which I worry will happen if I thickly paint over it. Maybe I might be wrong about that). I’m very worried about touching it as I’ve never painted furniture before. Thank you in advance for helping and if you have any new suggestions pls feel free to share :) If it’s best not to make any changes to it pls let me know. I also have the option of returning it hassle free and just getting something else.

The lighter shaded table (in the picture) is the shade I actually want or at least aspire to polish/paint this table to.

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  • tartanmeup

    It doesn't look as if they sent you the right colour. I'd contact them and show them pictures.

  • HU-521786222
    After receiving the table i carefully checked the comments. A lot of people who bought my color complained about the exact same thing. They knowingly advertised it to be of a lighter shade and I don’t think they are selling this table in a lighter shade than this. Returning it is also no problem for me (wouldn’t cost me either). I did love the style hence I thought maybe I could do something about the color myself.
  • HU-521786222
    Do you think it would be a good idea to paint it? Or will that be too much of a hassle?
  • tartanmeup

    Home Depot has it in different finishes. But it doesn't sound as if this company knows its colours too well. I'd be wary of trying a different colour.

    I think refinishing it has a lot of unknowns and I would consider it a hassle to attempt to go lighter. Perhaps someone with experience refinishing furniture would see this as a breeze to do. It's a nice piece though. Nice proportions. I'm looking for something like it for my entry.

  • cat_ky

    Its brand new so therefore, I would return it and keep looking. Above someone mentioned Home Depot, go in there and take a look. The one you got, looks nothing like the one you ordered, and to me would be unacceptable.

  • Storybook Home
    It’s new. Don’t risk ruining it and being out money for it, the refinishing stuff, AND a new one. I’d return it and find something better you really like. Making compromises leads to having a meh space you don’t love and always feel dissatisfied with.
  • PRO
    Retro Steam Works

    You can sand it down to lighten/vanish the top coat revealing the lighter coats beneath, but that only will work if the underlying coat is white; the piece should have at least three layers to achieve the finish shown in the first pictures (wood, white/light and last coat).

    Try sandpaper with a 320 grit first then gradually go to 400 and higher to smooth the finish out (if it has lacquer you have to eliminate that first).

    PS. The drawers seem to be different too.

  • tartanmeup

    Good catch about the drawers, Retro!

  • cat_ky

    I dont know if the drawers are different, but, the hardware most certainly is a bit different and a lot different color than the one she ordered.

  • jabbott2012

    That's a lot of work to redo this piece, and I redo a lot of furniture. I'd return it and get what you want.

  • hummingalong2
    Since you have no experience painting, return it.
  • HU-521786222
    Woah I didn’t even notice the difference in the drawers!
  • HU-521786222
    Thanks for the suggestions guys! I’m finally thinking of returning this. Really liked this table but too bad the color is so off :/
  • cat_ky

    Good plan I think. It is a lot of work to paint furniture and get a nice finish on it. Maybe check local stores, where you can buy one right out of the store, and then hopefully get the one you wanted. Looks to me, like they substituted a different one from what you ordered, and sort of looks like a lesser quality piece too.

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