Thursday's Trivia Quiz

December 6, 2018

JUDY GOOD got the right answer!

Just under half of those surveyed said they wish they could do this at work. What is it?

A. Wear a uniform

Today's question is

According to this scientific study doing this can boost your memory, improve cognitive ability and recall. What is it?

Comments (17)

  • georgysmom2

    Drink coffee.

    Exercise the body and the brain (go for a walk......do puzzles).

  • foggyj2

    getting 6-8 hours of sleep

  • Terry

    Get enough sleep.

  • dees_1

    Apply sharpened sarcasm based skills to all responses. AKA be a snark shark.

  • Lucille

    increase social interaction- talk to people more, go out more, travel more

    Make written plans/notes

  • Naomi Hertz

    read, go for a walk or go to the gym?

  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Doing cross word puzzles

  • blfenton

    do crossword puzzles

    drink coffee (time to get my second cup)


    ETA - cross posted with LoneJack

  • Rusty

    Physical activity

    Exercise creativity

    Keep an open mind

    Play video games (but don't let them interfere with your physical activity)


  • Amazing Aunt Audrey

    Exercise, sleep 8 hrs a day, and drink coffee

  • Judy Good

    play with kids

  • randy427

    Play the piano

  • Lars

    Eat chocolate (cocoa).

    I really think exercise is the best answer, followed by meditation.

  • hounds_x_two

    Play card games...Bridge

    exercise, drink red wine, do crossword puzzles, talk to friends

  • ghostlyvision

    Read out loud.

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