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How do I find a bath designer? Calling all designers to weigh.

Leena braich
4 days ago
Hi everyone,

I have been posting some pics of my bathroom remodel questions and now I am in a panic, I need a designer to help me sort out the mess.
I am remodeling a master bath and I fell in love with all the Calacatta gold pics with brick showers in Calacatta tile, Calacatta on the floor and counter tops.
Now my tile is here and the floor tile colors don’t match the wall tile colors. It’s all Calacatta ordered from Bedrosians but the floor is golds, greens and beige tones and the wall tiles are blues and greys.
I need to select a counter top and cabinet color. My bathroom is mid remodel already. He is doing the plumping, no tile has been laid yet. I have invested so much money into the floor tile. I would like it to be cohesive in the end. Not a big room of clashing patterns.

How can I find a designer to help me tie this together? I need this person to jump in ASAP.
First 2 pics are floor tile. 3rd pic is wall tile.
Comments (8)
  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    Maybe Bedrosian's could help you find someone in your area who can help asap?

  • Karen Rose
    Any chance you can return just the shower tile and do something a little plainer, or a solid color even?
  • chris81996

    A really "great" designer or Design/Build pro is probably not going to be available at short notice to jump in......really good firms are usually booked up several months in advance. Also the cheapest bid, is not always the best result. Ask for lots of references and ask to see other work that the firm has done.

  • m_gabriel

    Do you have NextDoor in your area? I've found great help from people in my area who gave recommendations and often offered to use their name so it wasn't a total cold call (for example, if they did a big project with someone who is usually booked). In my case, I needed someone to help me visualize and confirm that our clearances would work in a master bath shuffle of almost all of the plumbing. I was very grateful that the designer was willing to come by for an hour and advise me.

  • Leena braich
    Thanks everyone for the advice.
  • leelee

    Are all the tiles the same size? You could mix them together. In your pics it's impossible to see any real differences.

    I did my whole bath in all limestone subway, 12 x 12 and 2 x 2's for shower floor. I can tell you that they are quite different from tile to tile but the overall effect is good and nothing to worry about. When it's all together I don't think you'll think it looks wrong at all.

  • SJ McCarthy

    Floor tiles can be used as wall tiles...but wall tiles are NOT rated for floors. If I had to do something, I would try to get more of the FLOOR TILE (same colours...just to be sure you would need to take a box of your existing tiles in to ensure you order the same thing) so that you can add them to the wall.

    Return the wall tile (yes...pay the restocking fee) and continue with all the same type of tile - no need to mix and match. This only works if you can get access to the same colour tones in the second order of floor tiles.

  • Leena braich
    Thanks Leelee and SJ McCarthy,
    The tile place says they will exchange the polished tiles for the honed ones. I agree with both of you, if I do the same tiles on floor, wainscoting wall and shower it will look more cohesive. I have a lot of tiles that are almost plain white, I will use these for the wainscoting wall behind the freestanding tub. This will make the room look not so busy. The shower is in another room so I’m not worried about the tile mismatch anymore. The new honed tiles are from the same lot as the previous tiles so hopefully it’s the same tones, beige, gold and greens.

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