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Kitchen Flooring

katie c
5 days ago

We gutted the kitchen in our 1900 Minneapolis duplex - before we started I had always pictured the kitchen with a continuation of the hardwood flooring but it is in pretty rough shape. Our budget is stretched (always :)) and this home is a duplex that we plan to live in for a few years before we rent it entirely- so 1) not our forever home 2) will eventually be a rental. I’m at a loss trying to make things cohesive with flooring/trim in the next rooms... with all that in mind any great flooring options? Go something completely different? Try to match the existing floors? The cabinets will be white, entire kitchen will be very light In color. (2nd picture for existing trim/flooring situation)

Any insight appreciated! ...

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  • PRO
    Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design

    I'd say your two best options are:

    1- Match the existing hardwood. Based on how it looks it a flooring company should be able to match the stain and species. You can go for a more modern wider plank if you match stain and species too.

    2- Put in a nice tile. Since you have a neutral base it can be whatever. Try looking at kitchens from the era of your home if you want to match the time period.

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  • Lynn

    Would you consider vinyl? It's easy to replace if you end up staying longer, pretty durable and comes in a lot of colors.

    katie c thanked Lynn
  • zmith

    When you say the floor is in "rough shape", what exactly do you mean by that? There was another poster who refinished her old floors. The before was worse than yours, yet they turned out great. They'll never look like new floors, tho.

    BTW, this is the fourth post in 2 days that I've seen with that black and white tile. It's very popular. :)

  • chiflipper

    Porcelain, rectified tile. IF the unit is rented out in future you won't have to worry about damage. Be sure to purchase 10% over and above the usual "extra amount". Store it properly (on edge) because you never know...

    katie c thanked chiflipper
  • mabeldingeldine

    Like Lynn, I'd go with LVP. We used it in our rental and 2 years in it is looking good.

  • katie c

    Lynn and Mabel- what brand/type of LVP did you use?

  • katie c

    zmith- I’ll have to search for that post, thanks!... Ive just been told “rough” so that probably translates to “work“ ...but I think it could be worth it :)

  • zmith

    Katie, I tried to find it yesterday. I'll look again, tho.

  • zmith

    Found it! The thread was older than I thought. From July 2018...

    Found Old Hardwoods Need Advice

    Don't be discouraged by all the "negative nelly" comments in the thread.

    katie c thanked zmith

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