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grout has already cracked.....

December 6, 2018

After spending lots of time on the bathrooms forum in the past, I know changes of plane should be caulked, not grouted, but yet again we have a tile sub who just grouts it. It's only a month or so old, and already the grout along the counter and the floor is cracking and breaking off. Sigh. Maybe it's a good thing we have had yet another delay, as I am now able to see this problem and add it to our punch list. Still frustrating though. And why do they do this? I know it's easier in the moment, but if they then have to come back, chip out any remaining grout, clean it, and then caulk, wouldn't it make more sense to just do it right the first time?

Comments (4)

  • GOD

    Make sure they get rid of it. When I complained about the same issue, they just caulked over the grout. I didn't know until the caulk cracked. They never returned to fix it.

  • stillpitpat

    That's what was done in my upstairs bathroom. I complained and got the runaround and unfortunately ended up dropping it. Not this time. They have other things to finish, so this is just one of those things.

  • stillpitpat

    From my email: "The tilesetter grouted the intersection of the tile and the counter, and the tile and the floor, and it is already breaking off. Changes of plane really should be caulked, not grouted, so they stay intact. That will need to be redone. About half of those lines of grout is already cracked, with some of it having come away from the wall, so chipping that whole line of grout out shouldn't be very time-consuming."

  • Fori

    That's the nice thing about older homes: it cracks sooner than later so your GC has a harder time dodging it.

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