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Tile combination for 3/4 bath- I need some help nailing down design!

Andrea Lane
4 days ago
Hi all!!!! We are getting some tiling done next week and I am stuck on nailing down a design for the bathroom.

Background: we are on a river, back in the woods finishing a house that we bought un-finished (We didn’t put the toilet in that place FYI!!). I want to incorporate a bit of the river/outside-inside. BUT I also want it to feel clean and bright, a little rustic and a little farmhouse and also work with the grey/green marble topped vanity we bought.

-Walls up to 4ft: 2x8 white subway with light grey grout
-Floor: 2x2 hex
-feature wall behind toilet in pebbles / OR just subway OR penny tile OR nothing? Plan to put wood shelves up there to fill the nook
- shower walls 12x24 wavy tile
-shower stripe a possibility from ceiling to floor in either glass or pebbles
- shower floor: pebbles OR penny tile OR 2x2 hex
- shower nook: to match shower floor or feature wall

We are painting the ceiling, and I’ll probably do an interesting or round mirror.
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  • Andrea Lane
    Looking in to bath
  • Andrea Lane
    Vanity is much lighter than it appears in photo. We have oil rubbed bronze fixtures.
  • mimimomy

    I think you have way too many small tile for a small bath. You need to pick a color scheme and stay with it, but avoid multiple types of small tile. You don't need a feature wall. Small room, go for streamlined.

    I would have max 2 types of tile. One larger format (maybe a 5x 8 or approximately that size, can't remember that standard size) on the shower walls, and one smaller tile on shower floor. Would continue the tile on the bathroom floor.

    Would absolutely shy away from the pebble type stuff...

  • PRO
    Skippack Tile & Stone

    So far you have too different styles you're trying to fit in one space! Which items do you like best?

    Andrea Lane thanked Skippack Tile & Stone
  • mimimomy

    Here's a photo bringing the outdoors in... The way I read your post, you're proposing possibly 5-6 different tile treatments not including the other paint/vanity/marble top... in one small bath. Just don't think that will make you happy in the end :)

    treehouse · More Info

  • Andrea Lane
    Thanks yes that’s been my thought as I try to eliminate options- I don’t want too many small tiles which was why I am umming and ahhing about the penny tile and pebbles as I want more contrast in size. I tend to go way overboard then have to dial it in!!!

    My initial choice was simple 4x8 subway on all walls and hex tile on floor with the large format white wavy tiles in shower. But I confused myself with the shower floor and shower inset. What do you think about the shower floor and Inset? Just do the hex there too?
  • Andrea Lane
    Omg why did my comment post so many times. Lol!!
  • Andrea Lane
    Thanks @mimimomy. Yeah so I was trying to
    eliminate choices as I felt like it was getting too busy and definitely wanted second opinions..! Subway walls, hex floor, large wavy white tile in shower, and penny tile for shower floor was my original choice.All one color and fewer styles...

    I have Two more bathrooms to do Lord Help me! Haha
  • mayflowers

    You can delete the duplicate posts.

    I'd eliminate the wavy tile as it's a very modern look--not rustic or farmhouse at all.

  • Andrea Lane
    White subway is 3x12 actually, so a good size compared to the hex on floor.
  • mimimomy

    Hi Andrea... hee hee on the duplicate posts. I've had that happen too :)

    Have you looked on Houzz and elsewhere for your favorite bathroom photos? It might help if you do a search and then maybe post some of your "inspiration" photos (kinda hate that word inspiration ;)

    This would give you an idea of the direction you might want to go, and help others help you as well!

    Would love to see your backyard and river view.... just because I love them!

  • Andrea Lane

    @mimimomy I have so many pins but many were for the main bathroom downstairs. I'll post some of them- there is a definite theme... but I am having a really hard time incorporating the ideas into this small bathroom. @mayflowers: I guess "farmhouse" is only a hint of our style, it's more eclectic: rustic industrial and a hint of farmhouse and transitional. All over the place really. No wonder I am confused.

    @minimomy I'll post a photo out the window from where I am sitting :)

  • Andrea Lane
    House is right above the river!
  • mimimomy

    Andrea thank you so much! That is wonderful. Gave me such a peaceful feeling, I literally got goosebumps: ) Such a lovely spot!

  • mimimomy

    So not saying this is it, just trying to show just 2 types of tile. So stylish, yet not busy...

    Riverfront Condo · More Info

    Andrea Lane thanked mimimomy
  • mayflowers

    Your vanity has dentil molding, posts, and an arched valance, all very traditional elements.

    I think the hex tile is the closest in style to the vanity and I'd build from there. Incorporate the farmhouse/rustic feel in non-permanent decor, not in expensive-to-replace tile work. Especially not in a shower, which is a very expensive redo.

    Andrea Lane thanked mayflowers
  • ma in Michigan

    Beautiful homesite! Were I doing this, I definitely wouldn't make a toilet niche an accent wall/focal point. With so much to look out outside, I'd go simple inside.

    Andrea Lane thanked ma in Michigan
  • Andrea Lane

    @mayflowers Thank you for pointing that out. I almost did an octagon-dot floor as it seemed to suit the vanity well, but wanted to do something slightly different. Perhaps I go super simple on the walls of the shower with plain subway?? And no tile on bathroom walls?

  • Andrea Lane

    Here are a few of the inspiration photos for the house bathrooms. These were for mainly the larger bathroom downstairs.

  • Andrea Lane

    Here are a few other general "inspiration" photos.

  • mimimomy

    So this is a little closer to some of the ideas you originally suggested... with a small floor tile, and subway tile... might need to change the floor tile a bit to a grey-green like the vanity. But other than that, seems to evoke the kind of peaceful /rustic theme in your photos, while shying away from the gorgeous concrete tiles that I love, but that won't work so well in this smaller bath...

    This room has a lot of "interest" without trying too hard, in my opinion :)

    steel projects · More Info

  • mimimomy

    Of the new photos, the hexagonal tile on the floor and subway tile (the one with the cat!) looks great!

    I'd do that for this 3/4 bath.... gets your hex tile and subway tile in. It's just dialing down the complexity -- no complicated tile inlays in niches, no accent tiles down walls or features behind toilets....

    Less really is more sometimes!

  • Andrea Lane

    YEs, that's really nice- it's a mix of styles like my own tastes!! Love the shower door. Thank you :). I originally had a tannish-grey-green-cream hex marble tile as a sample for the floor, but my husband nixed it saying it looked too tan/beige with the vanity. Now I am wondering if I bought the wrong vanity for our house..it's the one featured above. I kept "coming back to it" so I bought it.... I am definitely going to post a photo of this bathroom once it's done. It's the smallest one in the house and the most headache!

  • Andrea Lane

    Thanks for all your input!! <3 I agree - simpler is better for this room. Maybe I can use my wavy tile elsewhere in the house..... :D (I was trying to emulate the river, but I could do that in the bigger double shower downstairs perhaps....)....

  • Andrea Lane

    I adore how striking and simple this is:

  • mayflowers

    Does the shower span the entire right wall or is it tucked into the corner next to the toilet? What are its dimensions? What is your plan for the glass door and the niche size and location?

  • mimimomy

    Hi Andrea. I like that a lot as well! Not sure about large format for the shower floor. However, if you followed this exactly, then added a fairly plain tile on the shower floor, I think you'd have a good solution.

  • Andrea Lane

    @mayflowers The shower is tucked on the right, just inside the door and it doesn't span the wall. Rough opening when facing the shower is 36.5" W by 38" deep by 97" tall. The inset for shampoo would be on the right of shower, plumbing on left. The door will be clear glass mounted to stud on right of shower.

  • Andrea Lane

    @minimomy, I agree. I can see myself cracking my head open with those large tiles...

  • mayflowers

    The shower is small and somewhat hidden. I don't think you have to do much with it but go with a larger subway if you do choose subways. I'd focus on the floor and vanity wall. The small white hex may be a little too traditional/vintage 30s/clean white spa with your wood paneling. A 6" hex would be nicer, especially if you found one in a warmer color or with variation in the glaze of the tiles. Think organic instead of shiny and white. You could then do a dark colored 2 x 2 for the shower floor or the pebbles.

  • Andrea Lane
    @mayflowersThank you- that is a great idea. Maybe I should put the brakes on the bathroom tile until I can figure it out with a bit more certainty...!

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